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Encore! - Inka and Markus Brand - Noch Mal!

Noch Mal!
Inka & Markus Brand

Mobile Version

This is one of our favourite games over the last few years. We play it often both on the mobile app and with dice and pens. It is another game my brother and his wife introduced us to. He has an epic game collection (see photo at bottom). Every time we are at their place, or they are at ours several games get played each day. This is another one of our favourite games they have introduced us to. We have the original game, have had the 6 additional play pads, and we have the mobile version and unlocked all 6 extra game pads. The version on the iPads were excellent while we were in the hospital after my son had spinal surgery. We have played a few of the games designed by the couple Inka and Markus Brand. And this is to date our favorite

The contents of the box:

1 Scoring Pad 
3 Color Dice
3 Number Dice
6 Pens

We ordered from Germany 2 sets of three additional scoring blocks. There is a solo version and it plays up to 6 players. Game play is easy to learn and every game is different. It is a standard Roll and Write type game. The first three rounds any play can pick from the 6 dice rolled. After that the person who rolls picks theirs first and player can pick from the 4 remaining. You do not have to play if you do not want to or cannot. Game play ends once one person has completed 2 colours. You start in the H column, and all plays must be made adjacent to mark pieces or on the H column. Each of the colour dice has 1 of the five colours and black which is while, but you only have some many wilds to play. Wilds left at end of game are worth 2 points. Likewise the number dice have 1-5 and a wild. If you us a wild the max boxes you can mark is 5. And points for columns increase the further from the centre starting column you are. First person to complete a column gets more points than any subsequent players. Same For colour completion. Any stars on the board uncovered are -2 at the end of the game.

This game is easy to learn. It does require strategy, but also a little luck on the rolls. Some games you might push to the edges and go for column points. Sometimes you might race to get colours. It really depends on the dice and where and what you can play. It is an excellent Roll & Write game. We enjoy greatly, both as a physical board game and on a tablet. You can also use the tablet or mobile version just as a score sheet. We have had all 7 score blocks, the original and 6 additional, we have wiped out two already.

It is a great game for a family game night or hanging with friends!

Note: If you are local to Kitchener Waterloo you can get this and many other amazing games, puzzles and more at J & J Cards and Collectables! And you can check out my brothers game related posts via Linktree.

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