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Meet Mary MacKillop - Sally Murphy - Australian Meet … Series

Meet Mary MacKillop
ISBN 9781742757223
eISBN 9781742757230

I have read a few books by Sally Murphy, and they have all impressed me. She has a real gift in writing for young readers.  On social media she was sharing covers of some of her older stories and this one really captured my attention. It took me a while to track one down in Canada. The first copy I ordered had a shipping status for months, and then was cancelled. I have since found out that there is an eBook edition on several platforms, and I picked up that for my daughter. We absolutely loved this book. In part because of our own Catholic faith, and in part because it is in a series we were never aware of. A series we are now trying to track down. This book is part of the Australian History ‘Meet … series’ of books. The description of the series is:

“Learn about extraordinary figures in Australia's history in this picture book series.

From Ned Kelly to Nellie Melba; Captain Cook to Sidney Nolan, the Meet... series of picture books tells the exciting stories of the men and women who have shaped Australia's history.”

And the description of this book is:

“A picture book series about the extraordinary men and women who have shaped Australian history, including St Mary Mackillop.

Mary MacKillop is Australia’s first saint.

Mary was born in the 1800s and devoted her life to teaching children. Mary believed everyone should have the chance to learn, no matter how rich or poor they are. In 1866 she set up her first school and founded an order of nuns called the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The Sisters continue to do the good work Mary started.”

The illustrations are wonderful. Sonia Martinez has an excellent palette for the art work set in Australia and the outback. The story by Murphy is wonderful. It has left both my daughter and I wanting to read more by and about this saint. The first Australian born saint and someone who was devoted and dedicated to bringing education to any student who wanted to learn. She lived her faith and trusted God.  It is an excellent picture book, for home, church, or school library.  This book has left us wanting to find out more about MacKillop and to reading more in this series that looks to be very impressive.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan

Books in the Australian Meet … Series:
Ned Kelly - Janeen Brian, Matt Adams
Douglas Mawson - Mike Dumbleton, Snip Green 
Sidney Nolan - Yvonne Mes, Sandra Eterovic 
Nancy Bird Walton - Grace Atwood, Harry Slaghekke 
Don Bradman - Coral Vass, Brad Howe 
Captain Cook - Rae Murdie, Chris Nixon
Banjo Peterson - Kristin Weidenbach, James Gulliver Hancock
Nellie Melba - Janeen Brian, Claire Murphy 
The Anzacs - Claire Saxby, Max Berry 
Weary Dunlop - Claire Saxby, Jeremy Lord 
The Flying Doctors - George Ivanoff, Ben Wood

Books by Sally Murphy:
Verse Novels
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Toppling, illustrated by Rhian Nest James

Picture Books
Snowy's Christmas, illustrated by David Murphy
Pemberthy Bear, illustrated by Jacqui Grantford
The Floatingest Frog, illustrated by Simon Bosch
Meet Mary MacKillop

Chapter Books
The Big Blowie, illustrated by Craig Longmuir
R is for Rolf, illustrated by Trevor Pye
Bugged, illustrated by Stephen Axelsen
Stuck, illustrated by Stephen Axelsen
Doggy Duo, illustrated by Teresa Culkin-Lawrence

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