Monday 7 May 2018

Prayer of Saint Columba - Prayer of the Day

Prayer of Saint Columba

Let me bless almighty God,
whose power extends over sea and land,
whose angels watch over all.

Let me study sacred books to calm my soul;
I pray for peace,
kneeling at heaven's gate.

Let me do my daily work,
gathering seaweed, catching fish,
giving food to the poor.

Let me say my daily prayers,
sometimes chanting, sometimes quiet
always thanking God.

Delightful it is to live
on apeaceful isle, in a quiet cell,
serving the Kings of Kings.

A few weeks ago I posted a Prayer to Saint Brigid with a hat tip to Catholic Fire! Right after that I came across two more prayers to St.Brigid in Alice Curtayne's booklet from the Catholic Truth Society - Saint Brigid, The Mary of Ireland. Having a mixed Irish and Scottish ancestry, I have always known nuns and priests who evoked the three, Saint Patrick, Saint Columba, and Saint Brigid. I have said variations on Saint Patrick's Rune or Breastplate going on twenty years now.

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