Saturday 5 May 2018

Product Review Ninja CT815C Chef DUO

Ninja CT815C Chef DUO

When it comes to blenders there seems to be three main camps: The Vitamix gang, by far the most vocal and biggest fanboys. The Blendtec crew, the device most often used commercially think Starbuck’s or Booster Juice. Less confrontational than the first group. Know they have a good product and just enjoy it. And then there are the Ninja’s.

I am pushing 50 and am not as healthy as I should be. But I love juicing and smoothies. I have owned a Bullet and a NutriBullet; and dreamed of a larger machine along the lines of this one. I know so many people with Vitamix’s, but when my wife asked me about it, I was leaning towards and had a preference for the Blendtec. And then I had the change to get a Ninja CT815C Chef DUO to test and review.

I have been putting this through it’s paces for a few months now. I have used it often and tested it in various ways. And I must admit for the price it is way better than I expected. This device has really impressed me. This is less than half the price of a Blendtec of Vitamix and yet it does an amazing job.

I have used this mainly to make smoothies. Both in the large mixing pitcher 72oz capacity. Or the smaller personal cup with the 24 oz. capacity. I use the smaller cup when making stuff just for me. But if I am blending up a batch for the kids and I the larger one does an excellent job. I have also used this to make soup, and a for some other cooking projects. There is not a single thing I have tried to do with this that has not worked. It does come with a tamper but even my thickest smoothies or soups have never needed it because of the wide base and blade design the job just gets done. I have even used this to make bullet proof coffee. And lastly, I have used it to blend essential oils to make infused waters.

This machine has a 1500-watt motor which should be more than enough for most home use cases. It has a smart sensor and detects which of the two blending container is in use. It has preset programs for each of the two, and it has 10 manual speeds. The preset settings are:

Ice Cream
Nut Butter
Frozen Drink

I have not yet used all 10 but the 8 I have tried all worked wonderfully. The Ninja Chef has suction cup feet. And they do a fantastic job. To move the product around on the counter takes a bit of effort to get it up. They are also thick and provide a lot of cushion when blending. There is not rattling of the whole counter even with the power of this device going at max blend speed. And it still fits under the counter in an older house.

I can honestly state that I was planning on saving up and getting a much more expensive appliance; but am more than satisfied with this one. Looking forward to years of smoothies and soups and experimenting with other uses!

Note: my current favorite smoothie recipe can be found here

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