Tuesday 8 May 2018

Just a Servant - Patricia Ann Moore and Michelle Ann Moore

Just a Servant
Patricia Ann Moore
Doriano Strologo (Illustrations)
Michelle Ann Moore (Designer)
Prancing Panda Press
ISBN 9781523826865

This book was a bit of a surprise for us as a family. My youngest two loved it. My oldest was on the fence, and I am sort of in the middle. It is a story that has a good message. The illustrations are very well done. But the story is just so implausible that I have a tough time personally enjoying it. Last year I reviewed a graphic novel, that had a modern rosary in usage 400 years before it existed. That inconsistency just stuck with me and made it very hard to enjoy the story. I feel the same way about this, there is no way a servant, even a child who was a servant would dawdle or hang out at the market when they had tasks to do. The punishment would likely have been severe. Also, in biblical stories names and their meanings are important. The main characters name is made up and from what I can tell has no meaning. Because of that I would only give the story 3/5 stars, but because my youngest two children loved it so much it gests bumped to 4/5 stars.

This is they story about a young servant named Marciper, he hates being a servant and that his master is cruel. Marciper is hanging out at the market trying to meet this 'Jesus', whom he keeps hearing about.

I asked my children to rate this book and this is what I got:
7 year old 5/5 Stars
10 year old 4.5/5 Stars
11 year old 3/5 Stars
Me 3/5 Stars

So, we rounded up to 4/5 stars. All three children really liked the illustrations. I cannot tell from the book if they are watercolors, marker or computer generated but they are bright, vibrant and lively. My son loves that Marciper gets to spend a whole afternoon with Jesus. And he loved that Marciper was no longer afraid of his master's anger because he knows his worth from spending time with Jesus.

Overall it is an interesting little picture book with a good message. Younger children will love it. And the illustrations on excellent. We would definitely be willing to read more from the author or illustrator.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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