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Another Prayer to Saint Brigid of Ireland - Prayer of the Day

Cardinal Moran’s Prayer to Saint Brigid

O Glorious Saint Brigid, Mother of the Churches of Erin, Patroness of our missionary race, wherever their lot may be cast, be you our guide in the paths of virtue, protect us amid temptation, shield us from danger. Preserve to us the heritage of chastity and temperance; keep ever brightly burning on the altar of our hearts the sacred fire of Faith, Charity and Hope, that thus, we may emulate the ancient piety of Ireland’s children, and the Church of Erin may shine with peerless glory as of old. You were styled by our fathers “The Mary of Erin”; secure for us by your prayers the all-powerful protection of the Blessed Virgin, that we may be numbered here among her most fervent clients, and may hereafter merit a place, together with you and the countless Saints of Ireland, in the ranks of her triumphant children in Paradise. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Brigid

Dear Saint Brigid, brilliant star of sanctity in the early days of our Irish faith and love for the omnipotent God who has never forsaken us, we look up to you now in earnest, hopeful prayer. By your glorious sacrifice of earthly riches, joys, and affections, obtain for us grace to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice” with constant trust in His fatherly care. By your life of laborious charity to the poor, the sick, the many seekers for light and comfort, obtain for us grace to be God’s helpers to the utmost of our power during our stay on earth, looking forward, as you did, to our life with Him during eternity.

By the sanctified peace of your death-bed, obtain for us that we may receive the fullness of pardon and peace when the hour comes that will summon us to the judgement seat of our just and most merciful Lord. Amen.

A few weeks ago I posted a Prayer to Saint Brigid with a hat tip to Catholic Fire! Right after that I came across these two prayers in Alice Curtayne's booklet from the Catholic Truth Society - Saint Brigid, The Mary of Ireland. Having a mixed Irish and Scottish ancestry, I have always known nuns and priests who evoked the three, Saint Patrick, Saint Columba, and Saint Brigid. I have said variations on Saint Patrick's Rune or Breastplate going on twenty years now. I have enjoyed adding this one to my litany of prayers.

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