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Catechism of Christian Doctrine Penny Catechism - Catholic Truth Society

Catechism of Christian Doctrine 
Penny Catechism
ISBN 9780851834207
eISBN 9781784692230
CTS Booklet DO003

Over the last several years the books and booklets from the Catholic Truth Society have become a mainstay in my reading regime. This is the 361st different volume I have read over the last 5 years. And I have a couple hundred I still want to read. I have picked up all of their volumes that are available electronically. And have a long list of put of print volumes I am trying to track down. The description of this volume is:

“The original classic ‘Penny Catechism’ offers a wealth of information on the Catholic faith, explaining succinctly what Catholics believe in a simple question and answer format, while also providing common Catholic prayers.

The original classic 'Penny Catechism' offers a simple explanation of the Catholic faith, explaining succinctly what Catholics believe in an easy-to-follow question and answer format.

From essential questions covering the basics of faith, such as "Who made me?" ("God made me."), this pocket catechism explores the key elements of the faith, from the Sacraments ("What is a Sacrament?") and the Creed ("What sis God?" "Where is God?"), to common questions about Catholicism ("Do we pray to relics or images?" "Why does the Catholic Church show great devotion to the Blessed Virgin?").

The book also offers guidance on living the Catholic faith, answering common questions such as "How are we to take up our cross daily?", while additionally offering common prayers, including an Act of Contrition, the Rosary and the Angelus, making this compact catechism an everyday essential for all Catholics.”

This volume has an Imprimatur by John Cardinal Heenan, Archbishop of Westminster, 18th July 1971.This version was first published by the CTS in 2015 and the eBook edition was released in 2017. I have long heard and read about Penny Catechisms but had yet to read one myself, So I was excited to give this book a read through. The sections in this book are:

Part One: Faith
Part Two: Hope
Part Three: Charity
Part Four: The Sacraments
Part Five: Virtues and Vices
Part Six: The Christian’s Rule of Life and Daily Exercise
Part Seven: Some Common Prayers

The booklet contains 370 Questions and answers and an end section with a number of prayers. Those prayers are:

Part Seven: Some Common Prayers
     Section One: Penitential Prayers
The Confiteor
Act of Faith
Act of Hope
Act of Charity
Act of Contrition
A Longer Act of Contrition
The De Profundis

     Section Two: Marian Prayers
The Holy Rosary
The Angelus
The Regina Caeli
The Hail Holy Queen
The Memorare

     Section Three: Other prayers
The Magnificat
The Divine Praises
A Morning Offering

A few random points as samples are:

“1. Who made you?
God made me.”

“13. What are the chief things which God has revealed?
The chief things which God has revealed are contained in the Apostles’ Creed.”

“17. What is God?
God is the supreme Spirit, who alone exists of himself, and is infinite in all perfection.”

“30. Which are the three powers of your soul?
The three powers of my soul are my memory, my understanding, and my will.”

“204. Is it sinful to belong to a Secret Society?
It is sinful to belong to any Secret Society that plots against the Church or State, or to any Society that by reason of its secrecy is condemned by the Church; for St Paul says: ‘You must all obey the governing authorities. Since all government comes from God, the civil authorities were appointed by God, and so anyone who resists authority is rebelling against God’s decision, and such an act is bound to be punished.’ (Rm 13:1-2)”

“229. What are the chief Commandments of the Church?
The chief Commandments of the Church are:
1. To keep the Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation holy, by hearing Mass and resting from servile works.
2. To observe the appointed days of penance.
3. To go to Confession at least once a year.
4. To receive the Blessed Sacrament at least once a year, and that at Easter or thereabouts.
5. To contribute to the support of our pastors.
6. Not to marry within certain degrees of kindred.”

“237. What are the Friday forms of penance?
On Fridays other than Solemnities we are to abstain from meat or, if we do not eat meat, from some other food of which we regularly partake. (Abstinence is binding from the age of 14.)”

I hope those few samples give you a feel for this little volume. This is another excellent resource from the Catholic Truth Society. I really enjoyed working through it and can see myself easily returning to it again. The eBook edition is excellent because I can always have it with me on my phone. For as Mike Aquilina quipped: “Now we can travel with more books stored in our telephones than the ancient Egyptians kept in their vast library at Alexandria.” As a side not it is the lowest numbered booklet I have read to date from the CTS at CTS Booklet DO003. This is a great volume that I can easily recommend!   

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