Wednesday 16 August 2023

Saint Agatha Catholic Church A Photo Essay

Saint Agatha Catholic Church - St Agatha Ontario
A Photo Essay

I have driven past this church hundreds of times my 25 years in the Waterloo Region. I have often thought about visiting. I am thankful I made the stop one Sunday morning. It is a beautiful little church that is part of the Diocese of Hamilton

Photos taken Sunday July 16th 2023. While I was at mass it was announced that the Shrine would be open from 1-4 Sundays through the end of September. When I asked after mass, I was informed that there is a Shrine to the Sorrowful Mother across the rood in the cemetery. I have plans to visit it soon. 

1839 Notre Dame Drive, 
St. Agatha, Ontario, 
N0B 2L0

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