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One Last Breath - K.T. Galloway - Annie O'Malley Book 7

One Last Breath
Annie O'Malley Book 7
A.W.E. Publishing
ISBN 9781915197061

One Last Breath - K.T. Galloway - Annie O'Malley Book 7

This is another good read in a very good series. It is British Crime Procedural novel, mystery - thriller. But this time set while on vacation in Spain. This one was hard to put down. It was truly addictive read. Over the last few years I have read many crime or thriller novels. I love the DCI Kett novels from Alex Smith and the DCI Will Blake novels from J.E. Mayhew. And the DCI Jack Logan books by J.D. Kirk. Alex Smith had recommended Mayhew and I ripped through that series, so when he recommended this series I had to give it a try. They have not disappointed, and this one is another great read.

Annie O’Malley is a psychotherapist and former police officer. And not only does she have baggage from her stunted police career, but even more from experiences when she was young. Now she has been drawn back, back into a world she had left behind, back to a world she was glad was behind her. Back to her own childhood and her sister was missing for years. In this one O’Malley and her sister are on vacation to catch up and have some of those hard conversations that have been avoided so far. But soon the resort is under siege and O’Malley puts her skills to use to try and save people, and get the situation under control. But can she pull it off without Swift at her side?

The description of the book is:

“A holiday they’ll never forget.

After the distress of Annie O’Malley’s last case, she’s in need of a bit of rest and recuperation. So her sister, Mim, books them on a flight to a luxury all inclusive resort in Spain for a break.

But what was supposed to be a chance to sip sangria and reconnect with each other after so long apart soon turns into something terrifying when a group of armed men storm the hotel and take the guests hostage.

With the help of Swift and the team back in Norfolk, can Annie and Mim find an escape route out of the resort and get themselves and the rest of the guests to safety?

Or will the holiday of a lifetime that was supposed to reunite the estranged sisters leave them torn apart forever?”

O’Malley finally gets to sit down with her long lost sister and have a long conversation, a few drinks, some sun, and even a dolphins tour. But all is not as it appears at the resort. This story again puts both O’Malley and her sister the line of fire. Swift is not there to back them up. There are a lot of confusion and some red herring leads. There was a great deal of suspense at the climax of the story. 

It is an intense read, in a good series and it leaves you waiting for the next volume Still Waters.

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