Monday 15 January 2024

Dead Ringer - Jude Hardin - Jack Reacher Experiment Book 1

Dead Ringer
Jack Reacher Experiment Book 1
ISBN 9781541254343

Dead Ringer - Jude Hardin - Jack Reacher Experiment Book 1

First, I want to state I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the rest in the series and the other two Reacher Series Jude has penned. Second a few years ago I read my first Reacher novel. I had picked up one for my dad, and after giving the back a read, I grabbed the eBook for myself. In under a year I had read all the Reacher Novels in print and all the books in the Hunt for Jack Reacher by Diane Capri. Since then, I have read 38 books in the Reacher universe and am expanding out to the three series by Jude Hardin now.

The description of this book:

“Meet Jack Reacher's genetic duplicate. And the assassins determined to track him down...

Rock Wahlman: Forty-one years old, United States Navy Master at Arms, E-8, retired.

Grew up in an orphanage, recently discovered that he is the product of a human cloning experiment, an exact genetic duplicate of a former army officer named Jack Reacher.

Now someone wants all evidence of the experiment to be erased, which means that someone wants Wahlman to be erased.

He’s on the run, desperate to survive, desperate to learn the truth about why all this is happening…”

Even death can’t keep Reacher down, in a manner of speaking. Rock Wahlman is a clone of Reacher, but he is not the only one. On the night his life goes sideways, he tries and saves a man after his rig goes off the road and into water. The man he pulls from the water looks just like him. Having been raised in an orphanage this raises some questions. After an attempt on his life, he starts putting together the pieces. His life may have been different than Reacher’s but his determination when he is threatened is the same. 

This is a well written story. That stays true to the original character and universe. A fun read in what looks like it will be an excellent series. Even if this volume had not been set in the Reacher Universe I would have loved it. The fact that it is only adds to the mystique that is Jack Reacher. It was great read an leaves you desperate for the next installment in this series. An excellent thriller, a volume I can easily recommend to fans of Reacher or anyone who love a god action thriller.

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