Wednesday 3 January 2024

List of Favorite Books 2024

Favourite Books 2024

(Note: this list will grow and be updated through out the year.)

Curse of the Seawolf - Nick Donnelly
I, Brax: 1 A Battle Divine - Arthur Slade
Praying the Rosary with Icons - Sr Marie-Paul Farran - CTS Devotions
Why Does Mary Wear Blue? - Pierpaolo Finaldi - CTS Children's Books
Faker - Gordon Korman
Praying with Mary - Juliette Levivier - CTS Children's Books
Matt Talbot: Hope for Addicts - Morgan Costelloe 
My Simple Prayer Book - Pierpaolo Finaldi - CTS Children's Books
Little Drops of Blood - Bill Knox - Thane and Moss Book 4
Baltimore Catechism One - The Council of Baltimore - TAN Books
Catholic Prayers: Compiled from Traditional Sources - Thomas A. Nelson - TAN Books 
Walking with God in the Unimpressive Seasons of Life - Mike Schmitz 

I started keeping track of the books I finished reading in October of 1995, and movies watched in January of 1996. and Catholic Books by year since 2016. I have lists for:

I also do a Top Ten List of books each quarter and for the year. They can be found here. I was also asked to pick a Top Ten Catholic Books I have read, you can find that list here (and occasionally I add a note when I come across something exceptional.)

In April of 2023 I wrote a piece called How I Read So Much? Because I get asked the question so often, read the piece linked above if you are looking for some ideas on ways to read more. 

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