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A Faith Such as Heaven Intended - Amanda Lauer - Heaven Intended Book 5

A Faith Such as Heaven Intended 
ISBN 9781987970616

A Faith Such as Heaven Intended - Amanda Lauer - Heaven Intended Book 5

This was the second of 5 stories in this series that I have read. I am not the typical target audience of this book or series. But I have enjoyed the writing in the book and series. They are the type of books I could love my daughters and nieces to read. Good clean Christian Catholic fiction. I have also read Lauer’s Royal & Ancient series, at least the two available to date. And also her contributions to a two of anthologies. Her work is well crafter and the stories are well researched and cleanly written. This story and the other I have read are strong enough to stand on their own. But I am certain then will be even better in the arc of the whole series.  

I am not American, and my study of the US Civil War has been limited to some general history courses in school. A few books about Military Chaplains. The TV Series The North and the South and a handful of movies. So I cannot comment on the accuracy of the historical setting. But I can state that it is well written, entertaining. It draws the reader in and keeps their attention. The story seems plausible enough, as historical fiction. And from what I know accurate enough for a historical fiction novel. The description of this novel is:

“From award-winning novelist Amanda Lauer comes the fifth in the Heaven Intended Series. When the men from Tonica, Illinois, are shipped off to fight in the Civil War, Ruth Simmons decides to tag along after her older brothers and her sole male classmate. Disguised as a drummer boy, Ruth finds herself in over her head as the regiment arrives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the eve of one of the bloodiest battles of the war. A chance encounter with a Confederate prisoner of war in the aftermath alters the course of her life. Captain Ben Holt, a brilliant young surgeon, has sold his surgical skills to the highest bidder. What he hadn’t bargained on was being put to the test by the beguiling Ruth Simmons, a sharp young woman with the preposterous notion of becoming a surgeon herself. 

Their two lives are entwined as they make their way from Gettysburg to Washington City, where they are caught up in the events occurring during the monumental final year of the Civil War, including the attack on the capital city, the attempted kidnapping and subsequent assassination of President Lincoln, and the hunt for his killer. With their lives on the line, Ruth and Ben must set their differences aside and, using their shared faith as common ground, determine a way to escape the District of Columbia so they can pursue the lives of which they’ve dreamed.”

Laurer does a great job writing her characters and having them express their Catholic faith. Captain Ben Holt has a deep and serious faith, the practice of which is central to his being and self understanding. Ruth Simmons begins the tale with a clear picture of herself as a former Catholic. But Holt has plans to help restore her relationship with Mother church. But both are dealing with serious responsibilities in different medical facilities. The novel follows their time getting to Washington, living and working there. Exploring the city and surroundings, and even meeting President Lincoln and his wife on a couple of occasions. 

This story has action, adventure, war battles, and a love story. It was well enough written I will likely read the whole series. It reached a point where I just did not want to put the book down. And as it moved towards a conclusion I could not see how the different plots could all be resolved. 

Overall, I can state that this is a very entertaining read. A great story in what is shaping up to be a very interesting series. It is another excellent read from Full Quiver. I look forward to trying the other books in this series and from Laurer’s pen.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan

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A Faith Such as Heaven Intended - Amanda Lauer - Heaven Intended Book 5

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