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Bet On Jack - Diane Capri - Hunt For Reacher Book 20

Bet on Jack
Hunt For Reacher Book 17 (20)
Diane Capri
August Books
eISBN 9781942633891

This book is another good read in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series. Over the last few years I have read all of the Jack Reacher stories and all of the Hunt for Jack Reacher stories as well. This will be the 55th. It is a good read. But it feels like more of stretch than some of the others. The next in this series have already been announced. 

First, I read the 29 Jack Reacher Novels and short stories by Lee Child, and now Lee and Andrew Child. And then I read all the books in this series. This is the seventeenth novel in the Hunt for Reacher Series, and the twentieth story featuring Otto. Otto still does not have a replacement partner on this assignment. She has been added to a taskforce looking at murdered female Vets. But as usual Cooper has her working the case for other reasons. She ends up teaming up with Jake Reacher and recently widowed Samantha Vaughan. 

Otto has Gaspar in the wings helping out as much as he can. He does not trust Finlay or Cooper but is helping Otto. He even makes a trip to check something out on the ground. It ends up being a turning point in the story. The source book for this volume was Lee Child’s Nothing to Lose. The description of this volume is:

Four military veterans are dead. One was under Jack Reacher’s protection.
Were they murdered?

One Gold Star wife implores the Army to help find her husband’s killer. A request Jake Reacher’s CO can’t refuse.

The unraveling begins and every answer Jake and FBI Special Agent Kim Otto find spawns more shocking questions.

With few allies and too many enemies, they slam into a terrifying conspiracy.
Ruthless men with everything to gain. And one woman with nothing to lose.”

The cast of characters in this story is:

Kim Otto
Carlos Gaspar
Charles Cooper
Jake Reacher
Samantha Vaughan
Maureen Tolliver
Jeffrey Willard
Jack Reacher

The quote from Nothing to Lose that start this story off is:

““My conscience is already clear,” Reacher said. “If people leave me alone, I leave them alone. If they don’t, what comes at them is their problem.”

Vaughan said, “You see something you don’t like, you feel you have to tear it down?”

“Damn right I do. You got a problem with that?”


It was great to see Jake Reacher play a key role in this story. I really love how Capri is developing his character. Vaughan was written in a weird way, at time strong, confident, and sure, at others she appeared very wishy washy. I do not feel that Capri captured this Character the was Child did in the original story. Otto is her normal self in this one, but seems a little less stressed and frazzled. Overall a good story with an interesting plot, great characters. But it leaves you wondering what Reacher is up to back in Despair Colorado.

Currently the Child brothers are releasing about 1 Reacher novel a year, and Capri is publishing 2 in this series. This one released a week after the later offering from the main series. This story is a little slower than some others and has a significantly lower body count, at least as a result of Reacher or Otto. It is another good story in an excellent series. These books always leave you desperate for the next instalment in the series. Capri has again done a great job in leading us on the hunt for Jack Reacher. And with each offering we get to know both Otto and Reacher better. I hope we continue to encounter Jake Reacher more often, he was a highlight in this offering.

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