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Lone Star Jack - Diane Capri - Hunt For Reacher Book 15

Lone Star Jack
Hunt For Reacher Book 15 (18)
Diane Capri
August Books
eISBN 9781942633679 

This book is yet another great book in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series. Over the last few years I have read all of the Jack Reacher stories and all of the Hunt for Jack Reacher stories as well. This will be the 50th. It is a good read. And the next in this series have already been announced. This is the tenth I have read since that initial binge read. First I read the 29 Jack Reacher Novels and short stories by Lee Child, and now Lee and Andrew Child. And then I read all the books in this series. This is the fifteenth novel in the Hunt for Reacher Series, and the eighteenth story featuring Otto. Otto still does not have a replacement partner on this assignment. She still has Gaspar in the wings helping out as much as he can. He is told to pull in a resources from his new organization to help again. The source book for this volume was Lee Child’s Echo Burning. That story is a one, and excellent source book. The description of this volume is:

"Impatient with FBI Special Agent Kim Otto’s lack of progress, her boss seeks to show her how it’s done.

Cooper drags Otto to Dallas where he sets a trap to lure Jack Reacher with three carrots: challenge, revenge, and pride.

When a full scale riot breaks out at the prominent politician’s funeral, Otto uncovers a Machiavellian plot to execute his political rival.

A plot Reacher unwittingly put in motion.

Ten years ago, in Lee Child’s Echo Burning, Reacher was recruited to kill a stranger. He refused the mission but teamed up with two women to expose stomach-churning mass slaughter.

Now, Otto and Michael Flint race to find the executioner who refuses to relinquish his ill-gotten legacy.

Filled with twists and turns to keep you breathless until the explosive finale, can Otto and Reacher work together to stop the heinous assassins before it’s too late?"

The cast of characters in this story is:

Kim Otto
Carlos Gaspar
Charles Cooper
Michael Flint
Kathryn Scarlett
Martin Weber
Carmen Greer
Alice Aaron
Bobby Greer
Rusty Greer
Cesar Baez
Pilar Inez Mendoza
Jack Reacher

FBI Special Agent Kim Otto is met by Cooper in her apartment giving her information and telling her they need to leave. They are headed to Huston Texas. As always the information Cooper shares is selective. But the big difference this time is he is going with her. Cooper is out in the field, and he has 2 agents for protection who are part of the Double Death Task Force. After a shooting at the funeral they are attending Otto is read into the case. Soon Michael Flint arrives at the safe house and has a lead for Otto to follow. The source of the lead is a surprise to Otto and will be to readers as well. Otta and Michael are headed to Echo County and the Red House. Things do not go as planned.

Currently the Child brothers are releasing about 1 Reacher novel a year, and Capri is publishing 2. This one released a week after the latest Reacher novel, No Plan B.. This story has a lot of action and a lower direct body count. It is another good story in an excellent series. As always it leaves you desperate for the next instalment in the series. Capri has done a wonderful job in leading us on the hunt for Jack Reacher. And with each offering we get to know both Otto and Reacher better.

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