Tuesday 29 November 2022

Stick ‘Em Up Asking for a Little Help Redux

Stick ‘Em Up Asking for a Little Help Redux

I have had my website since 2000, and a blog since 2005. This blog originally started as an online archive for articles and reviews I was writing in newspapers and magazines that did not have an online presence. Early on my wife and I decided not to monetize the blog, because at that point I was getting about 90% of the books I was reviewing from publishers, marketing companies, or authors. From the beginning I created all the content, mostly reviews of books, with a smattering of technology and fitness reviews. But my blog is my hobby. I work full time in IT, but Catholicism and books are my passion.

Over a year ago I was Cancelled by Amazon, I had almost 5000 reviews removed from .ca and almost 3000 from .com and .co.uk It was disheartening to say the least. My reviews went back to 1999 on amazon. Many of the reviews were the only review on a book. For a friend calls me ‘completionist’ in that when I discover authors I really enjoy I try and read everything they have written. 

I read and review across almost all genres. If you enjoy the content consider leaving a tip in the virtual tip jar.

So please donate a few dollars if you can, use the paypal button on the left sidebar on the desktop view or use this link.

And yes I copied the idea of this post, and part of the title from a much more famous Catholic author. And this is an update of a post from 2018. And as always thank you in advance, and thank you for being a reader.

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