Friday 16 November 2018

Stick ‘Em Up Asking for a Little Help

Stick ‘Em Up Asking for a Little Help

I have had my website since 2000, and a blog since 2005. This blog originally started as an online archive for articles and reviews I was writing in newspapers and magazines that did not have an online presence. Early on my wife and I decided not to monetize the blog, because at that point I was getting about 90% of the books I was reviewing from publishers, marketing companies, or authors. From the beginning I created all the content, mostly reviews of books, with a smattering of technology and fitness reviews. Back when it started I spent time learning HTML, worked on customising templates and stayed on top of the technology. But my blog is my hobby. I work full time in IT, but Catholicism and books are my passion.

My original site is now standard HTML and does not allow adding HTTPS. It needs to be completely redone. But there are thousands of links to it from the blog and other sites. 

I need to redo the website from the ground up. But with almost 2600 posts with links to do it without a major interruption I will need to double my hosting and run in parallel for a few months to pull or a complete rebuilt. And I just have not planned for that. If you enjoy this blog, the reviews, reflections, and articles, and can afford it, would you consider making a small donation to the operating costs to plan and execute this cutover? I need a few hundred dollars to pay for the service I plan on moving to, and for assistance from a web developer friend.

So please donate a few dollars if you can, use the paypal button on the left sidebar or use this link.

And yes I copied the idea of this post, and part of the title from a much more famous Catholic author. To be honest the task of the upgrade was so daunting with my day job, and raising three kids that last year and this year I debated just folding my site. This help would give me time work work it out with far less stress and run in parallel until the cutover. So I am humbly asking for help.

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