Saturday 3 November 2018

Sabotage Stage Left - Casey Lyall - Howard Wallace, P.I. Book 3

Sabotage Stage Left
Howard Wallace, P.I. Book 3
Casey Lyall
Sterling Children's Books

ISBN 9781454929680
eISBN 9781454931737

This is the third book in the Howard Wallace, P.I. series, and they have been great fun to read. In the first book Howard is a bit of an outcast and odd ball at school. But he does seem to get results and soon notoriety. In the Second book the firm has expanded to mason and Wallace investigations. This third book he has a whole slew of student investigators and two different major cases. And on top of that his partner Mason is involved in the school play, as are a several of the team members.

This time Howard may have bitten off more than he can chew. They are investigating a series of spray painting vandalisms taking place on businesses around town. They are also investigating strange occurrences taking place in and around the school play. And the incidences around the play keep escalating as it gets closer and closer to opening night. Soon Howard has a suspect in the events at the school, but with his divided attention ends up getting caught in a trap. Now he is isolated, and still trying to solve the case. One of the things good managers do is trust their people and learn to delegate. These are both lessons Howard needs to experience or it could spell the end of the organization.

This is a great Middle Grade read. It is written such that at almost 50 years of age I love reading this book, and this series. Both by myself and to my kids. All three children ages 12, 10 and 8 thoroughly enjoy a Howard Wallace Mystery. The writing is tight. The ever-expanding cast of characters and their interactions with each other is interesting to watch. It has been great to watch Howard and Ivy grow through the series, and in this book especially Howard.

A wonderful read about friendship, school plays, and figuring out who-dun-it! If you have read the first 2 Howard Wallace books you will love this one, and if you have not pick them up and give them a try, I am sure you will be entertained as this young P.I. strives to always get his man!

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