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Power Up Your Self-Talk - Michal Stawicki - 6 Simple Habits to Stop Beating Yourself Up and Reclaim Your Life

Power Up Your Self-Talk: 
6 Simple Habits to Stop Beating Yourself Up and Reclaim Your Life
Michal Stawicki
ISBN 9781790130917

Over the last three years I have read many books by Michal Stawicki, it started with a recommendation from amazon, and I have been hooked since. I have even read books on topics that do not specifically apply to me, Learn to Read with Great Speed! Only 10 minutes a day!, just because he has written them. In fact checking my reading list I have read his books a total of 23 times across the 13 books that I have read. And this is one of the best. In fact, going forward this will be the book of his I recommend first, because the advice in this one, will make applying the wisdom in any of the other easier. The book I would most closely relate this one to would be Matthew Kelly's Resisting Happiness, except this volume is written for a general audience, and not aimed specifically at Christians or Catholics. 

I have read through this volume twice now. The advice was very timely. With Michal's books there is not often a lot of new advice. But it is an excellent distillation of wisdom and are presented from Michal's personal experience. One of the things I love best about his books that they are less how to, and more a blueprint of what works. In fact, he often states what worked for him might not work for you, but he gives a few options, so you can discern your own path forward. I have loved most of the books by Stawicki I have read, and yet with that being said, this is his best book yet. And to be honest one I really needed to read. I really like the themes of the chapters all being the power of … I admit the opening really took me by surprise. It was a shock but that was the intent.

The book begins with these words:

"Hey, you worthless piece of shit! Yes, I'm talking to you! 
Are you mad at me? 
What kind of self-help book is this, if an author starts it that way? 
Maybe you are outraged. How dare I say such heinous things about you? How dare I judge you so harshly and obscenely? 

"The way you talk to yourself is worse, certainly, than the way anyone else talks to you." - Seth Godin"

I was completely shocked by these words even the second time I read the book. But it was a shock I needed. For years I have been working toward finding balance between mind, body, and spiritual disciplines. And I realized I had developed a lot of negative self talk in one of these three areas. 

The sections in this book are:

Chapter 1: The Powerful Problem 
It Won't Be Easy 
But It Will Be Simple 
Chapter 2: The Power of My Story 
Progress Not Perfection 
Chapter 3: The Power of Joy 
Leverage the Power of Habit 
For the Sake of Mood 
Action Plan 
Chapter 4: The Power of Focus 
Don't Try; Do 
You Have a Problem 
Action Plan 
Chapter 5: The Power of Silence 
The Mind-Tongue Motorway 
Spiritual and Tangible Benefits 
Steer the Traffic of Your Words 
Action Plan 
Chapter 6: The Power of Gratitude 
You Aren't Realistic, You Are Negative 
Google in Your Head 
Gratitude Equals Results 
Action Plan
Chapter 7: The Power of Journaling 
The Subject Matter: You 
Self-Talk on Paper 
Action Plan 
Chapter 8: The Power of Your Words 
Track Your Words 
Govern Your Tongue 
Action Plan 
Chapter 9: The Power of Planning 
Rule Number One: Never Give Up 
Rule Number Two: Create Your Plan of Action 
Chapter 10: The Power Is Yours 
Take Over the Steering Wheel 
Change Your Interpretation 

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The Action plan sections at the ends of the chapters are pure gold. I wish I had read something like this years ago. But I will take advantage and apply its wisdom where I am at. The book is worth far more than the price just for those exercises. If you are going to read only one book for personal development in the next year. Start here! It will make any future endeavours easier. This is an excellent read by and author I have come to trust, respect, and greatly appreciate. You owe it to yourself to read this book. 

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