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Grain of Wheat - Father Michael E. Giesler - A Novel Depicting the Lives of the Early Christians in Rome

Grain of Wheat: 
A Novel Depicting the Lives of the Early Christians in Rome 
Father Michael E. Giesler
Scepter Publishers

ISBN 9781594170782
eISBN 9781594171154

This is the third book, and currently final book, in a series ‘Depicting the Lives of the Early Christians in Rome’. All three books are incredible reads. But the books are not clearly marked as a trilogy. It was not until I was reading book 2, Marcus, that I realized it is a trilogy. I was just under the impression that it was just one of several books by the author. I stated in my review of book 1, Junia The Fictional Life and Death of an Early Christian, "It is hard to find the books by Father Giesler, for they are published under many different variations on his names. For example, this book on the cover has the name Michael E. Giesler, book 2 Marcus has the name Michael Edward Giesler, and book 3 Grain Of Wheat does not even have a name on the cover.  From what I have found his books are published under the following names: Michael E. Giesler, Rev. Michael Giesler, Father Michael Giesler, Michael Edward Giesler and just Michael Giesler. Based on how wonderful this book was I have already picked up his three historical fiction novels and look forward to reading them. One other strange thing about this series before I get to the review, Books 1 and 3 have eBook, kindle and print editions, where book 2 only has a print edition. But back to this specific book." And I stand by that his books are published under many variations on his name, and as a trilogy it is not clearly indicated. But once you start reading them you are drawn into life as a Christian at a vary dangerous time to be a Christian. The trilogy is comprised of:

Junia (2002)
Marcus (2004)
Grain Of Wheat (2008)

This book and the whole series are excellent reads. A lot of research went into them. They are historically accurate, they present the life, danger, and death of Christians. If the names were changes and the stories slightly the could be biography instead of fiction. But as a Christian reading them one cannot but help but become immersed in the ancient world and drawn into the early life of the church in Rome. Numerous historical figures make appearances in the books, and several events from history. 

This book picks up right where book two Marcus, left off. It spans a few years. Over that time Marcus becomes less cautious and braver in sharing the gospel message. He feels led by the Holy Spirit to be more open with his beliefs and his teachings about Christ and the Logos. 

These books are very hard to put down. I read the trilogy over a few weeks. But deliberately read other books in between. But even now days after finishing the series I find myself thinking about it and have picked up another fiction and non-fiction books by the author to read. Father Giesler writes in such an engaging and compelling way. At times the books are uncomfortable to read, because of the persecution of Christians, and a few martyrdom’s. But they are important to read. Not only to know our past, but based on current culture what might be in our future. The only real draw back of this book is that as of now the series is finished. There are so many of the great characters in book and series that it would be wonderful to read about.

Another great read by father Michael Giesler. A conclusion to an intense, and powerful trilogy. Excellent read! 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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