Tuesday 13 November 2018

The Isles: Is It All a Lie - Sara Francis - Terra Testimonies Book 1

The Isles: Is It All a Lie?
The Terra Testimonies Book 1
Sara Francis
ISBN 9780998993300

This is the first full length novel by Sara Francis and boy does it deliver. With hints at the Six Million Dollar Man, Ender’s Game, Starship Troopers, and the science of Batman Beyond, it is a science fiction tale to entertain and enthrall. This book is a science fiction tale on a grand scale. It has cyborgs, humans genetically spliced with animals, tech geeks, and weapons galore.

The Isles is a small colony of humans living on 6 islands, protected from discovery by invaders. The invaders have taken over most of the world, or at least that is what the children have been told. Each of the islands has a different speciality. The Islands are run by island Keepers, and the children for the most part do not remember their past. They are being raised and trained to help take back earth.

Island I Bionics
Island II Saviors (Healers)
Island III Research and Development
Island IV Assets
Island V Seers
Island VI Genetic testing

The story is told as a series of alternating first person accounts, journal entries, either written or recorded. They are told by Alison, Sami, and Aaron. Aaron is one of the head geeks from Island III, Sami is a test subject from island VI she was spliced with a house cat genome, and Alison is from island I and has robotic prosthetics down the whole right side of her body. She was the first successful test subject for biomechatronic implantation.

Because the story is told in journal style each of the three go back and tell what they remember, or what they were told about the time before. Now they are members of the island, and this year during the inter island meetings they become part of a team that wins a competition and end up being selected for a mission to the mainland. But they soon realize a team member knows more than he is letting on, and that all may not be as they have been led to believe.

This is not hard science fiction along the lines of Arthur C. Clark. It is more along the lines of Robert A. Heinlein, Alfred Bester, and Frank Herbert. It is a great story and looks to be a very promising series. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. The style alternating voices was intriguing. The characters are very well written. The plot jumps around a bit because of the format used, and the style but works well. There are some subtle religious undertones to the story. It will be interesting to see what that part of the plot goes in book 2. When you finish this book, you will be desperate to read book two.

The story is written with a Young Adult audience in mind but can be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good sci-fi story. So give the book a try and see who a group of young adults, teens and children who have been trained are preparing to take on the invaders and liberate earth!

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