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Straight Jack - Diane Capri - Hunt For Reacher Book 13

Straight Jack
Hunt For Reacher Book 13 (16)
Diane Capri
August Books
eISBN ‎9781942633563

Wow! This is another great book in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series. Over the last few years I have read all of the Jack Reacher stories and all of the Hunt for Jack Reacher stories as well. This will be the 46th. And it truly is one of the best. And the next in this series have already been announced. This is the sixth I have read since that initial binge read. First I read the 29 Jack Reacher Novels and short stories by Lee Child, and now Lee and Andrew Child. And then I read all the books in this series. This is the thirteenth novel in the Hunt for Reacher Series, and the sixteenth story featuring Otto. In this one she finds out still more about her new back up, William Burke. And that does not make her feel any better at all. Otto still has Gaspar in the wings helping out as much as he can, and this time he makes a brief appearance in person. The source book for this volume was Lee Child’s A Wanted Man. That story is a great source one, and like it this one starts slow and the pace and tension just keeps building. This is a great story about Otto, and we learn a lot about Burke, and it was wonderful to have Neagley make an appearance and play a key role. Frances is one of my favorite characters across both series. 

The cast of characters in this story is:

Kim Otto
William Burke
Carlos Gaspar
Charles Cooper
Lamont Finlay
Frances Neagley
Marion Morrison (“Morrie”)
Petey Burns
Doug Jerzekowski (“Doug XYZ”)
Moe Smith
Ray Vance
Andrew Mitchell
Hugh Sullivan
and of course

Jack Reacher

In some ways this story reminds me a lot of Die Hard I and III, a lot of misdirection. A very detailed plan, even planned redundancies, but ultimately the main plot is just a heist. A heist over a few days, several locations both physically and electronically, but still basically a heist. It involves an old nemesis of Reacher’s, but it is unclear if he is aware of that or just set on righting a wrong and ends up on this collision course. Neagley and Otto work well together, and both seem to respect and appreciate the other. Burke appears to be heading for a wash out at best and possibly a far worse fate. He is ether lying about having encountered Reacher before, or was mistaken about whom he assumed was Reacher. 

I should note this and the latest in the Reacher child from the Child brothers released about a week apart, I chose to read this one first, that is how much I enjoy this series! This story has a lot of action and a pretty high body count. But because of the source book it is not as dark and heavy as the previous offering. It is another excellent story in a great series. It leaves you desperate for the next instalment in the series. Capri has done another excellent job in leading us on the hunt for Jack Reacher. 

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