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We All Fall Down - K.T. Galloway - Annie O'Malley Book 3

We All Fall Down
Annie O'Malley Book 3
A.W.E. Publishing
ISBN 9781915197023
ASIN B09GW22764

An intense read in a great British Crime Thriller series. If you though Corn Dolls was dark wait until you dig into this third instalment in the Annie O’Malley series! In under a year Galloway has served up 3 novels in the Annie O’Malley series and each has had fascinating twists. And each one is well worth the time and effort. Galloway has announced a fourth instalment called The House of Secrets, and the hints at the end of this story leaves the reader desperate for that next volume. This story is a text book British Crime Procedural novel. Over the last few years I have read many crime or thriller novels. I love the DCI Kett novels from Alex Smith and the DCI Will Blake novels from J.E. Mayhew. But this story and series gives us something very different. Alex smith had recommended Mayhew and I ripped through that series, so when he recommended this series I had to give it a try. All three so far have lived up to expectations. I now preorder each new book as it is announced. 

Annie O’Malley is a psychotherapist and former police officer. And not only does she have baggage from her stunted police career, but even more from experiences when she was young. Now she has been drawn back, back into a world she had left behind, back to a world she was glad was behind her. Back to her own childhood and her sister who is still missing. And back into a high stakes games. A game that if she loses it is a game where someone else will pay with their life. 

Annie is now on the payroll as a consultant. This story starts with her in a plaster (cast) from her broken ankle at the end of the previous adventure. She is staying with her boss and he is looking after her. But she is starting to feel cramped, and the combination of fog from her pain killers, and a guy she met who is interested has thrown her off a bit. The description of the book is:

“When a young woman falls ill and dies after a night out, her friends blame a cloaked figure that had been stalking them in the streets. A masked face with hooked beak, immediately recognisable as a Plague Doctor.

Annie O’Malley is back in action with her broken ankle in plaster and a need to stay busy. DI Swift has been looking after her and they’re getting on each others’ nerves.

When a second body is found and the two deaths are linked to the Bubonic Plague, O’Malley and Swift find themselves on a hunt for one of the most deadliest killers known to humankind.”

O’Malley and Swift know that something is off right from the beginning. The mysterious Plague Doctor is disturbing. His description and then sightings unnerve O’Malley even more. And even Swift admits to the team that he is scared. But can O’Malley work through the brain fog and pull the pieces of together. Can she connect the dots before it is too late? Too late for other victims or even for herself?

This story has great characters, an excellent pace. It is a dark thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat. A great read in a fascinating series.

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