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Memento Mori Prayers on the Last Things- Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP

Memento Mori Prayers on the Last Things 
Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP
Pauline Books and Media
ISBN 9780819850089
eISBN 9780819850096

It has been a long time since I have been this eager to get my hands on a new prayer book. But after how impactful Remember Your Death: Memento Mori A Lenten Devotional and Remember Your Death: Memento Mori Journal were I had high expectations for this prayer book. And it did snot disappoint. Not since discovering The Handbook of Prayers edited by Reverend James Socias have I found a prayer book so beneficial. At one point I had Copies of the handbook in my desk at work, my desk at home, my backpack, and my bed side table. I also always kept a spare so I could give it away. That is exactly how I feel about this Memento Mori Prayer Book. I wish I could buy it by the case to be able to give them away. And I cannot wait for the eBook edition to come out so I can always have it on me. This is the best new prayer book I have had in years.

The prayers in this book were compiled or written by Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP. The physical book is a beautiful volume. And I am not normally a physical book guy. It is dark grey leather. It has just an embossed skull on the front cover and “Memento Mori” in Script on the back. It had a single black built in silk bookmark. And silver gilded edges to the pages. The end sheets match the cover of the Memento Mori Journal. The sections in the volume are:

Memento Mori and the Last Things
How to Live Memento Mori
Death: Prayers to Live and to Die Well
     Prayers to Imitate Jesus
     Prayers for a Good Death
     Prayers for the Dying
     Marian prayers for Assistance in Life and Death
Judgement: Prayers to Prepare to Meet Jesus
     Prayers of Repentance
     Prayers for the Dead
Hell: Prayers to Combat the Powers of Darkness
     The Sacrament of Baptism
     Prayers to Jesus, Our Eucharistic Lord
     Spiritual Warfare Prayers
     The Power of the Holy Rosary
Heaven: Prayers for Union with God
     Prayers of Praise to God
     Prayers to live in Heaven
     Marian prayers of Hope
Appendix 1
     Basic Prayers in Latin and English
Appendix 2
     An Explanation of Indulgences

There are a few full-page illustrations in the book. Overall this is an incredible little volume of prayers. I am sure you will benefit from investing in this book, and spending time prayer the prayers within.

Another excellent volume from Sister Theresa Aletheia. I great little volume and tool for your prayer and spiritual warfare toolbox. One of the best prayer books I have ever used, I highly recommend it. This book was so good I added it to my All Time Top Ten Catholic Books.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Memento Mori Prayers on the Last Things 
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