Friday 20 December 2019

The Tale of Patrick Peyton - Philip Kosloski, Jim Fern, Michael Lavoy, and Willy Raymond C.S.C.

The Tale of Patrick Peyton
Philip Kosloski
Jim Fern (Illustrator)
Michael Lavoy (Illustrator)
Willy Raymond C.S.C.
Holy Cross Family Ministries
Voyage Comics & Publishing
ISBN 9780578571027

I am not much of a comic or even that much of a graphic novel guy. But this one really grabbed my attention. I knew the name of Father Patrick Peyton but really did not know about his story. And this book was every eye opening. This book has been a real challenge to me, and I have added other books by and about Father Peyton to my wish list. And it all started with this little volume.

The life of Father Peyton presented in this book is incredible. Follow him from his time as a young boy dreaming of being a priest. Being turned down by ever order in Ireland. Coming to America with his brother to make his fortune. To returning to that original dream of the priesthood. He miraculously overcame tuberculous. And he lived to spread devotion to Mary and the Rosary.

The work that he did first developing radio programs for the family rosary. Then developing television and movies to support the ministry. Some of the stars and media personalities that he got to work with the ministry. And His traveling the world to teach the importance of the Rosary. No matter what the station of life. Parents, families, prisoners, the elderly. He believed everyone could pray the rosary. And that it was important for them to be doing so for themselves, for their country, and for the whole world. 

The story itself is incredible. And the illustrations are wonderfully done and really add to the story. There is a wide variety of page layouts, and designs used. And it makes it an excellent story. I have read this and reread it with my son. And I will look for other biographies from Kosloski and Voyage Comics & Publishing. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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