Wednesday 18 December 2019

The Attic Saint - Tim Drake and Theodore Schluenderfritz

The Attic Saint
Tim Drake
Theodore Schluenderfritz
Emmaus Road Publishing
ISBN 9781645850151 HC
ISBN 9781645850168

I have already read this book thrice. It is a wonderful little volume. I read it at lunch at work, and then read it with my youngest daughter as soon as she got home. My oldest daughter came in part way through and we reread it again so she could know the story from the beginning. It is such a wonderful tale and the illustrations are excellent. This is one of those books that after we read it we buy an extra copy for the school library.

This is a story about Leo, and about Saint Ambrose. Leo has moved from an apartment to a new town and a big older house. The house and town are new to Leo. At first, he is not sure he likes the big house. The stairs and doors make noises. The basement is cold and damp. But slowly the house wins him over. His favorite room is the library that has a stained-glass window. One day it appears as if the dove shining on the floor is flying across the floor to the attic. Leo decides to check out the attic. The space is beautiful and warm. When the attic door slams when he leaves, he hears a large bump. At first, he is uncertain of returning but eventually curiosity wins out. He finds an icon on the floor, and he hears Saint Ambrose talk to him through the icon from heaven. But to find out what happens next you will need to read the rest of the story.

Tim has written a wonderful book. The prose flow smoothly. And the story is compelling and creative. The Illustrations by Theodore are excellent. We especially love the ones that show the house in the past with the faded or transparent people and furniture. Leo finds out that the house was once a convent. And Theodore once lived in a house that had been a convent. And Tim did indeed find a religious painting in the attic of an old building.

This is a wonderful book that our whole family loved. And I am sure yours will love it as well.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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