Wednesday 11 December 2019

Real Start Foundations - Team Body Project - Alex and Daniel Bartlett

Real Start Foundations
Team Body Project
Alex and Daniel Bartlett

I have now completed 9 workout plans with TBP and as of the posting of this review worked 6 months straight using TBP videos. And Real Start Foundations is an incredible plan. It has been designed for anyone, and I do mean anyone. This 1 week program has 5 workouts that vary in length from 22 to 32 minutes. There is a lot more instruction than any of the other plans or workouts I have done from TBP. Each of the workouts has someone doing a harder version, the instructor mixing it up, and Tarsh doing the entire workout in a chair. When I did these workouts, It was a very hard and stressful week at work. I was on call and there was not a lot of sleep. These workouts we much harder than I expected because of engagement, but also exactly what I needed. There are a couple of workouts in this plan I will use on active rest days, or days when my time gets crunched. They were all excellent.

As the ninth program from Team body project that I have completed this year, this is if modified easier than any of the others. It would have been a perfect place to start when I came off my sprained knee and started working out again last summer. And I have recommended it to a few friends, one who needs to get back into a habit, and another who has never really worked out at all.

The gear you will need:
Dumbbells (optional)
Chair (optional)

The workouts are:

Week 1
Resistance Foundations
Cardio Foundations
Standing Pilates Foundations
Walking cardio Foundations
Circuit Foundations

I did this program because I knew it was going to be a crazy week. And because I wanted to review it and compare it to the other three Real Start programs, and other plans I have completed. (See links to reviews below.) I honestly was surprised by how hard I could make these workouts, and also how much I enjoyed them. This plan delivers on its commitment to 100% low impact. And if you do the seated version 0 impact. It is fun, engaging, and very informative. The teaching about the how and why’s by Daniel and Alex in this plan is excellent. 

This past summer I wrote a piece called Starting Over in Southwestern Ontario! A Fitness Update! What I started with was the workout videos from team Body Project, and specifically Real Start Just Move. You can watch that video on YouTube, or even workout with it. I had been a member of Team Body Project for three years now, but only just started the videos. I am in my 50th year, and I really needed to get back at it. And the TBP plans have been a great way to do that. If you are starting or like me starting over again, this plan is an excellent place to begin.

Team Body Project is a website, an app and a community. And one of the best parts is the community. The supportive and encouraging community is part of what makes this an excellent resource for your health and fitness. The private community on Facebook and the forums on the website are very supportive and encouraging. But what really helped me is that the workouts in the Real Start programs are geared for anyone. And this one even more so. Each video has three participants. Daniel and Alex lead the videos and Tarsh and Mona. Mona usually works out at a harder pace, and Tarsh at a modified level, and seated. But even when you go beyond those programs, they always offer a less intense version. And pressing pause is encouraged if you need it. 

As I always conclude a TBP review, do not just take my word for it check out Kylie Young’s story or the other testimonials on the site. I can say that TBP is one of the best resources for health and fitness that I have ever come across. 

This is another great program, especially for those starting exercise for the first time or those starting over. Thank you again, Alex and Daniel. 

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