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Ten Two Jack - Diane Capri - Hunt For Reacher Book 7

Ten Two Jack 
Hunt For Reacher Book 7
Diane Capri
August Books
eISBN 9781942633099

In the last 10 months I have read 40 stories featuring Jack Reacher. And to be honest this is one of the best of the lot. This was the 10th book in the Hunt for Reacher Series that I have read in the last 8 weeks. There are currently 11 and a twelfth announced for early next year. I have been trying, unsuccessfully to limit myself to one of these books a week. Which was the same pace that I read the 29 Jack Reacher Novels and short stories by Lee Child earlier this year. As I get deeper into this series the more I have come to appreciate it. And the More I focus on the Lee Child novel it is linked to. This story relates to people and event in The Midnight Line. And the main cast of characters in this volume are:

Kim L. Otto
Carlos M. Gaspar
Charles Cooper
Lamont Finlay
Kirk Noble
Rex Mackenzie
Tiffany Jane Mackenzie
Serena Rose Sanderson
Arthur Scorpio
Louis Thorn
Terrence Bramall
John Lawton
Jack Reacher

The Midnight Line was one of the Reacher novels that I felt the most morally ambivalent about. Far less so with this story. Five people are missing and at least one is dead. But the body count is just starting. When someone starts hunting Reacher’s friends you know there will be a price to pay. And Scorpio is back and nastier than ever. But Reacher has a brute instinct to protect and attack that cannot be boxed. In a story that travels from Detroit, to Chicago, to Saint Louis, Houston and then into Mexico there is a lot of travel, a lot of action and a number of different story lines that are drawing together in this chapter in the Hunt for Reacher saga. 

Agent Otto is getting more flippant with Cooper. And she gets shocking news from Gaspar. And once again Finlay plays a key role in getting them the information they need in a timely manner. 

This is a very interesting story and an excellent series. It once again it leaves us wondering where the Hunt for Reacher will take us next! 

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