Tuesday 13 March 2012

Cloudy With A Chance Of Boys - Megan McDonald - The Sisters Club Book 3

Cloudy With A Chance Of Boys
The Sisters Club Book 3
Megan McDonald (Author)
Pamela A. Consolazio (Illustrator)
ISBN 9780763646158
eISBN 9780763654436

This was the 6th book I have read by Megan McDonald in less than two weeks. Each was an excellent read. The Sisters Club books are longer than either the Judy Moody or Stink Moody books. In fact there is a clear progression in length and difficulty of books from Stink, to Judy to Sisters. These stories revolve around a family with three daughters; I grew up the oldest of three boys and now have three children myself. I can only hope that as my children age, and we read these books together, they can learn from the Reel sisters.

This is a fun story in a great series. Two of the girls are starting to get older and with that comes the question of boys, relationships and first kisses. The play being put on in school this year is Romeo and Juliette, and Alex wants to play Juliette to Scott Howell's Romeo. But she does not get her wish. Then the play gets moved to the Raven, the town's theater and second home of the Reel girls. Stevie has a new fascination with weather and specifically clouds, and ends up working on a cloud project for science class with Owen, aka 'Wire Rims', as in his glasses. Joey is still fascinated with frogs and even has a hidden pet frog named Sir Croaks-a-lot.

This is a fun tale well worth reading. Give a Megan McDonald book a try; you will not be disappointed.

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