Friday 2 March 2012

Chronal Engine - Greg Leitich Smith

Chronal Engine
Greg Leitich Smith (Author)
Blake Henry (Illustrator)
Haughton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN 9780545608495

This was the third novel by Greg Leitich Smith that I have read. Each has been a wonderful read. This story is written in a long tradition of Robinsonades. It is the story of time travel, dinosaurs and family. It was incredibly well written. I found it hard to put the book down the few times that I had to while reading it. The characters were amazing, and the loops in the story and the logic behind them was stunning. The way Greg has scripted this story sets it up for a number of wonderful reads in the same world.

The story follows three youngsters who travel back in time to rescue a fourth. Their great, great, great grandfather supposedly created a time machine. Now they must use it and go on an adventure of their own into prehistoric Texas. Kyle and Emma, the twins, and their younger brother Max have come to their grandfather's ranch to spend the summer while their mother is on an archeological dig in Asia. Petra is the daughter of the housekeeper and together with Max and Kyle needs to head back in time to rescue Emma.

Greg did amazing research and he presents life in the ancient past with stunning detail and up-to-date science. This story was incredible and I can only hope we get a follow-up quickly. I cannot wait to find out what adventures they get into next. I give this book the highest recommendation I can. It is a book I will read to my children when they are older!

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