Sunday 18 March 2012

Magnificat Lenten Companion 2012

Magnificat Lenten Companion 2012
ISBN 9781936260393

This is the second Lenten reader I am using this year. It is about twice the length each day of some others for the daily readings. It is an amazing little book. With a two-page read for each day of the liturgical season, it is broken into three sections. Each day has a reflection on one of the readings for that day, a prayer and a suggested penance. This book will challenge you through the Lenten season. It will make you think, cause you to reflect deeply, and spark you to action. It is available in a booklet format and numerous eBook options. It is amazing, and even if you only pick it up for the rest of this year it will be worth the $0.99 cost for the eBook. I know I will likely reread it and next year keep an eye out for the 2013 version.

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