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A Simple Prayer Book For Prisoner - Catholic Truth Society - CTS Devotions

A Simple Prayer Book For Prisoner
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781784696238
CTS Booklet 

This is the second special edition of A Simple Prayer Book from the Catholic Truth Society, the other being The Armed Forces Simple Prayer Book. This book edition was created in partnership with National Catholic Chaplain for Prisons and through a donation by Sisters of the Holy Cross Charitable Trust. It is a beautiful little volume. It has several full colour prints, artwork that can be used in prayer, meditation and reflection. This volume is 35 pages shorter than my copy of A Simple Prayer Book. The major difference is this volume does not contain the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and several are omitted from the section ‘Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions’, and there are some other minor differences throughout the book.

The sections in this volume are:


Prayers & Devotions
     Basic Prayers 
          Morning Prayer 
               Morning Offering 
     During the Day 
          The Angelus 
          Prayer to the Holy Spirit 

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) 
     Examination of Conscience 
     Going to Confession 

The Way of The Cross 

Prayers to Our Lady 
     The Holy Rosary 
          The Hail Holy Queen 
     Other Prayers 
          The Memorare 
          The Regina Caeli 

Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions 
     Acts of Faith, Hope and Charity 
     Prayers for Loved Ones who have Died 
     For Help 
     Prayer of Saint Ignatius 
     Prayer of Saint Richard of Chichester 
     Prayer to my Guardian Angel 
     In Temptation 
     In Trouble 
     In Sickness and Pain 32
     Prayer for a Pure Life 32
     In Thanksgiving 33
     Prayer for the Church 33
     Prayer for my Loved Ones 34
     Prayer for Myself 34
     Anima Christi 35
     Grace before Meals 35
     Grace after Meals 35
     A Night Prayer (Luke 2:29-32) 36

The Eucharist
     The Order of Mass 
          The Introductory Rites 
          The Liturgy of the Word 
          The Liturgy of the Eucharist 
          The Communion Rite 
          The Concluding Rites 
     If You Can’t Get to Mass 
          Spiritual Communion 
     Prayers for Holy Communion 
          Before Holy Communion 
          After Holy Communion 
     Rite of Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction 

Catholic Teaching
     Summary of Christian Doctrine 
          What We Believe 
          The Ten Commandments 
          The Seven Sacraments 
          The Mass

The forward of this volume by Father Paul Douthwaite states:

“When someone asks the question “how do I pray?”, there is neither a quick nor a simple answer. The Prison Chaplain is often asked this question in the most extreme of situations, at times of crisis, and when the prisoner is looking for spiritual strength and guidance.

To have at hand a prayer card or a holy picture to give to a prisoner who is searching for meaning can greatly help and guide them as they begin their journey of faith. This edition of A Simple Prayer Book for Prisoners gives the Prison Chaplain a collection of accessible prayers that can enable and guide those who seek to embark upon or deepen their relationship with God.

For many years Religious Sisters have been involved in prison ministry as chaplains, volunteers and friends to prisoners. I know I speak on behalf of all Prison Chaplains when I thank the Sisters of the Holy Cross Charitable Trust, for generously supporting prison ministry in a new way by funding this prayer book. I ask that you pray especially for them and for Vocations so that the work of proclaiming God’s love and mercy may continue.

Pray to God, pray for yourself, pray for each other, pray for your family and friends and pray for those who have no one to pray for them.

May God bless you and your loved ones always.”

This is an excellent resource for those in prison chaplaincy, for them to use with prisoners and to give to them. It is a great volume and resource made available from the Catholic Truth Society. The books and booklets from the Catholic Truth Society are excellent resources. You can help support their ministry or to learn more about their work with prisoners.

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