Friday, 1 January 2021

Catholic Reading List 2021

Catholic Reading List 2021

Over the last few years I have started the year with a reading list. I have usually read about two thirds of that list and about that many again that were not on the list. This year I am just going to keep track as I read, a list for Catholic book and a list for Catholic Fiction. The goal is just to read more Catholic Books.It started in 2016 with  A Year Of Reading Intention – Catholic Reading, and then it continued on 2017 with Catholic Reading List 2017. And again the Catholic Reading List 2018. The lists will be updated as each book is finished and links added as books are reviewed.

Catholic Non-Fiction
52 Weeks with Saint Faustina: A Year of Grace and Mercy - Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle
A World Undone: Finding God When Life Doesn't Make Sense - Fr Mike Schmitz
Ask Him: Simple Words to Jumpstart Your… - Jane Trufant Harvey
Effective Parenting - James B. Stenson
Gianna Molla - Jean Olwen Maynard - CTS 20th Century Martyrs
Prison Journal, Volume 1 The Cardinal Makes His Appeal - George Cardinal Pell
The Church and the Middle Ages (1000–1378) - Steve Weidenkopf - Reclaiming Catholic History Book 4
The Eucharist with the Saints -  J.B. Midgley
The Holy Ghost, Our Greatest Friend, He Who Loves Us Best - Paul O'Sullivan
The Prince of Peace: Meditations for Advent and Christmas - Alban Goodier
The Wonders of the Holy Name - Paul O'Sullivan
The Wonders of the Mass - Paul O'Sullivan
Treasures: Visible & Invisible - Catholic Teen Books Anthology
Monks' Stormy Night - Sylvia Dorham and Christopher Tupa
Robin Hood the Just: A Catholic Hero - Ellen Tomaszewski and Kathryn Mack

On a side note I was asked to come up with a Top 10 Catholic Books List, it was not an easy task. It actually took a couple of weeks for me to narrow down the list. And I will continue to post a Top Ten Fiction and Top Ten Non-Fiction each Quarter. 


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