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Saving Mount Rushmore - Andrea Jo Rodgers - Saint Michael the Archangel Academy Book 1

Saving Mount Rushmore
Saint Michael the Archangel Academy Book 1
Andrea Jo Rodgers
Anaiah Press
ISBN 9781947327191
eISBN 9781947327092

I number of authors I read and appreciate have given this book top marks. Therefore, I decided I needed to give it a read. It was a fun read. And I have already slotted it in the list of books to read with my son. It is a fast-paced adventure. In some ways it reminds me of The Relic of Perilous Falls by Raymond Arroyo Will Wilder Book 1, and also the 39 Clues Series. This story focuses on using the gives we have from god for God.

What young child does not crave adventure, meaning, and purpose. And that is what the kids at the Saint Michael the Archangel Academy get. They become members of a team, they train, they solve mysteries, and in this book they are trying to unravel clues so that they can prevent a crime. John is new to the team this summer. His parents have gone overseas, his younger brother is at his grandparents. So, John heads west believing he is spending the summer at his aunt’s ranch. He joins team Liberty and they start a mission right away. They are charged with figuring out what Devlin Black and his crew are up to. Team Liberty must figure out the clues and stop the would-be vandals.

This book jumps right in with the action. And once the plot is rushing forward, we are given hints and clues to piece together the back story. The characters are great. You cannot help but find yourself cheering on team Liberty. The book is a great mix of faith, action, and learning about history. It is hard to believe the main events take place over just 2 days. And the story leaves you wanting the next adventure of the staff and students from Saint Michael the Archangel Academy.

And excellent read for middle grade students, or even young adults. Well enough written that this 50-year-old loved it. A great beginning to what I hope will be a long, long series.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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