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Honest And For True - Jane Lebak - The Adventures of Lee and Bucky Book 1

Honest And For True
The Adventures of Lee and Bucky Book 1.0
Jane Lebak
Philangelus Press

ISBN 9781942133100
eISBN 9781942133124

My introduction to Bucky and Lee was the short story ‘Never pray for Patience’ in the collection Seven Angels Short Story Bundle, it was such a great story that I picked up this book before even finishing the story. That story is also one of the chapters in this book. The chapters in this book are:

A strange fascination for the Rumours album
Points In Heaven
It’s short for Halleluiah
Please tell me you don’t cook with a hammer.
Now everybody is happy
A good old-fashioned New York assessment of my character
I officially can no longer win this one
A special measuring cup
Yes, Ma’am, right turn on green is permitted
Never pray for patience
Good Teeth
What does a poem gain by being incomprehensible?
Camel thieves
You’re cute when you’re delirious
A special ingredient
Don’t ogle it—shoot it!
There’s no moral component to flossing
The best way to keep something a secret is not to post it to the world wide web
Leave her alone, you filthy pig!
I’m done doing stupid things for now
A toast to the mighty “check engine” light
 “Fire me, Max.”
I really did do everything wrong
I’m going to learn to play electric guitar
Honest And For True?

Now, I will confess I am not typically a comedy guy. Never followed a sitcom on TV, seldom watch comedy movies, and when I do it is not my pick. I have enjoyed some books with a humour element; Fred Secombe’s Curate series, some of Tom Holt’s works, Douglas Adams, and Harry Harrison. But as mentioned the Chapter in the book that appeared as a short story was so good, I had to read this book. And I am very thankful I did. 

Bucky is the nickname Lee ‘Juliet’ Singer gave to her guardian angel once she realized what he was. She has asked often but he will not tell her his real name. So, Lee has grown up with Bucky as one of her best friends. And his focus is to ensure she gets into heaven. He does occasionally help her out, by checking out traffic patters, and finding parking spots. But his focus is to guard her and to get her into heaven. The problem is Lee has a problem with lying. After being laughed at for being aa Auto Mechanic, she decides it is just easier to lie when she meets guys about what she does for a living. It is a habit Bucky would really like her to break. For Lee living in New York is about having fun. Bucky has convinced her of some boundaries. But she believes in working hard and playing hard. And New York is her playground.

Up until now Lee was convinced, she did not need a man, a relationship or a marriage. But then she meets a guy who is different, he is a straight-laced accountant with a flare for exotic cooking. Hal has surprised Lee in many ways. And she has even made the decision to tell him the truth, but falling ill, and her mother’s presence prevent her. And then it all blows up. And in dealing with her disappointment and regret she does one of the things Bucky has told her never to do. And things go from bad to terrible.

It is hard to categorize this book. I am sure some with list it as Romance, others as Comedy, some as Romantic Comedy. I would likely go a little broader and call it Christian Fiction. But what ever category you classify it as, it is an excellent read.

But in order to find out what happens you will need to read the novel. I guarantee it will be entertaining. I have read 13 of Lebak’s offerings, 10 of them in the last month. There are some great stories. Ans this is an excellent read. I had a hard time taking a break from the book, and even before I finished it, I had both the other two Lee and Bucky stories to add ‘to my to be read’ list. Lebak writes about midwives, angels and auto mechanics. Across the stories is a wide range of genres and great skill as a storyteller. I am now reading stand alone books and books in two different series by Lebak. Some great stories I challenge you to check out. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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