Wednesday 20 March 2019

Pin it on a Dead Man - Elizabeth Jukes - Dorothea Montgomery Mystery Book 1

Pin it on a Dead Man
Dorothea Montgomery Mystery Book 1
Elizabeth Jukes
Cozy Cat Press
ISBN 9781946063519


This book was recommended to me by my mother-in-law. Rather than read her physical copy I picked up the eBook to give a read. It was an enjoyable mystery. I enjoyed the historical setting. I also appreciated the setting in a small town in Ontario. The mix of a theft and dead body make for some interesting twists. In some ways this book took me back to when I was much younger and reading the neighbour's hand-me-down Agatha Christie novels. And the times and setting made me think more than once of the Murdoch Mysteries.

I do not typically go out of my way to read historical fiction or mysteries. I have read a fair bit in both genres but that was mostly 30-40 years ago. But I do love a good read and am always willing to give a book a try on a personal recommendation, like in this instance. The writing in this story is very tight. For a first novel it is very impressive. I will admit I had a pretty good idea fairly early some of the elements of this case.

Dorothea Montgomery is the matron of a well-to-do family in the town of Willowsdown. Her sister, Edith, and her sisters’ grandchildren are visiting from England. They have brought home with them a young man they met on the boat over. The world at this point is swept up in an Egyptology obsession. Shortly after their arrival Edith’s broach goes missing at a Christmas party. It is a very distinctive piece, a jewel-encrusted beetle, reportedly from an Egyptian dig. The next day it is discovered that Hugh Morton, the towns funeral director, is dead and stuffed in one of his own caskets.

Soon the small town is abuzz with rumours and side comments. But Dorothea is an exceptionally logical woman. And she is working the case from all angles. Once she has been warned by the local authorities, as much as they respect her and her mind, (there are allusions to previous cases) becuase they fear that this might be too dangerous for her to continue her investigations.

The story revolves around a small community, at a time when everyone knew everyone. It has a strong focus on family. And the characters are very solidly fleshed out. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. And I would absolutely read another Dorothea Montgomery Mystery if it appears or other books by Elizabeth Jukes.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, or mysteries this book is a great read, so why not give it a try?

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