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Upsie-Daisy - Jane Lebak - The Adventures of Lee and Bucky Book 0.5

The Adventures of Lee and Bucky Book 0.5
Jane Lebak
Philangelus Press

eISBN 9781942133223

As stated in a different review my introduction to Bucky and Lee was the short story ‘Never pray for Patience’ in the collection Seven Angels Short Story Bundle. That story is also one of the chapters Honest And For True. Before I finished that first novel I had picked up this one and also Forever and for Keeps. But I was under the impression that Upsie-Daisy was actually book two, but it is really a prequel. So, at the beginning I was surprised, and the story was not making sense. Yet, once I had that figured out it proves to be a wonderful little story.

From reading this volume, I believe it makes the most sense to read the Bucky and Lee books in chronological order. The changes in Lee, her healing, her growth make stepping back to this read confusing. But that being said it is a great little story and really adds to the canon of work on Bucky and Lee, which currently consists of this short story or novella, and two novels, But I really hope we will have many more books in the Lee and Bucky series because they are such fun to read.

Being honest for a moment, I do not typically read comedies, romance or romantic comedies. But the writing in this series is so good, I cannot stop reading these books. That first short story really got me hooked. This story has three tightly packed chapters, they are:

Friends wearing blue uniforms and frowny faces
I love hurling myself into these interactions
The best pairing since vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

And after that is a sample from Lebak’s novel ‘Pickup Notes’. Which to be honest I did not read. But based on how much I have enjoyed all the other books and short stories I have read by Lebak It will only be a matter of time. But back to this specific story.

Lee Singer is an auto mechanic in New York City. She sees the city and surroundings are her playground. She is free to date, to go out to a game or show, or choose what she wants. But since she was little she has been able to see her guardian angle whom she named Bucky. However, Lee has consistent habit about lying about her occupation. She makes up different stories all the time. And in this novella, she tells the guys she meets at the garage that she is an elevator inspector. When she discovers a trunk full of Styrofoam heads, she begins to ask some questions. And once she finds out he is a scientist who has a submarine and the heads are used in pressure experiments she becomes fascinated. She manages to wrangle a date, and even visits his lab. 

It is an interesting story. You cannot help but feel for Lee especially as she finds a job that looks perfect for her. But because of her fears …

A great story in a wonderful series. It is equal parts humour, human interactions, and Angelic intervention. A really fun read.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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