Tuesday 29 June 2021

Elfling - Corinna Turner - An Elfling Story

Corinna Turner
Unseen Books
ISBN 9781910806401
eISBN 9781910806395

I really love the works of Turner. And consider her to be an excellent writer. But I just did not like the original cover of this book, Elfling, and never got around to reading it, even though I had picked it up shortly after it was available. And even after it underwent a cover revision, I just never got around to reading it. I also had the short story, The Most Expensive Alley Cat In London, set in the same world. I had that story on my device for a while now, as well. These were the only published works from Turner I had not read and I was looking for a shorter read while waiting one day. That story was that read, and I devoured it and Elfling in under 24 hours. I could just not stop. And though she has many other series on the go, including one that has a second story that is ‘coming soon’ since 2016. I really hope she expands upon this world as well. That there will be more stories about Serapia Ravena and her pet Raven. But back to this specific story.

As mentioned once I started reading the short story story I could not stop. I had other things to do, and some things that needed to get done, but reading took precedence. I devoured both of these stories. It has amazing characters, a great story, and wonderful world building. The description of this volume is:

“She must find her father or die. 

Alone on the streets of London, young Serapia Ravena seeks her father, her only hope of survival. When the elusive Duke suddenly returns to the city, Serapia finds a loving father, who quickly thwarts her uncle’s murderous plans. But it soon becomes clear that he hides a dark secret, one that threatens his very life, and his very soul. The search for his salvation will carry Serapia hundreds of leagues, to the heart of the wild places, and to the fort of the elfin, bringing her face to face with her own mysterious heritage.”

And after reading it I can easily understand why the story won a CPA Award. These stories are masterfully told. They are set in a world unlike any other that Turner has created to date. Serapia’s world is a wonderful place. But for her it was also a very dangerous place. Living on the street, doing what she must to survive. But still learning her faith and visiting with a priest. Desperate to find her father, before her days run short. But her time on the streets were not easy on her. And once her life starts turning around it seems like she will lose it all again. But she believes in her Father and believes she can find a way to hear him. But will time run out on her this time?

To find out you will need to read this incredible novel. Both the stories in this world are fascinating reads. If you have read the short story, you will love this novel. And If not it is still a great place to begin. An amazing fantasy tale with elves, dragons, and magic. It is very well written. The story has excellent characters. A fantastic read, from a master wordsmith. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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