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Hope's Embrace and Other Poems - A.K. Frailey

Hope's Embrace & Other Poems
A.K. Frailey
A. K. Frailey Books

I have read several books from the pen of A.K. Frailey, in fact this is the 6th volume from her pen that I have read. Or maybe I should say quill, as this is the first volume of poetry. Last year she had two collections publish, they were, It Might Have Been: And Other Stories and Heart Beats: Spiritual Being Human Journey, I loved both of those volumes and consider this a perfect third companion. I do not read as much poetry as I did in my 20’s and even 30’s but from time to time I do pick up a volume to skim or pursue some favourites. But as soon as I say that Frailey had published a volume I picked it up and dropped both the books I had on the go and red it over two days, and a few mugs of coffee. The description of this collection is:

“Spiritually uplifting poems, reflecting life's trials and tribulations in nature and in our shared human experience. Grace shines the light of hope in the details of our lives, helping us take the next journey-step. Keep going. Hope's embrace awaits.”

It is a wonderful collection of 27 poems. The poems are:

Where Life United 
Your eyes record a different world than mine, 
Without my music, books, or time. 
Declining years loom ahead, 
Your face lights with futuristic hope instead. 
Joking, you say, go back to days long past, 
But no return would I gladly clasp. 
Childhood bittersweet, 
Adolescence confusion reaped. 
Love and marriage replaced dreamland, 
Hard work on every hand. 
Lonely passages and dangerous curves, 
This present life, opportunity serves. 
So many have gone before, 
Some certain few stand at the door. 
Tree branches end in buds to bloom, 
No matter the change, it comes too soon. 
Young eyes with wonder see and decide, 
Old vision dims with ancient grief abide. 
Hardly knowing what you don’t know, 
Ever and anon, it’s ever so. 
Look and see, 
Live and be. 
One day plighted, 
Where life united. 
Love dares, 
Vision share.

I can say there was not a single poem that I did not enjoy, but in all collections and anthologies there is a favourite, and mine in this volume is:

For Goodness Sake

Photos speak what words no longer say,
Who once lived, loved, shaped each day.
Childhood memories,
Sweet baby fresh,
Life’s possibilities,
Hope, fears mesh.
Young mother held and rocked,
Against all monsters locked.
Rustic Dad with kids did roam,
Always return, safe haven home.
In youth’s mighty grasp,
The world did clasp.
Joy over thrown,
Disappointment did own.
But down the lane,
Return hope sane,
As world jolts,
And reason bolts.
Faithful siblings clash,
Memories, tears dash.
Relentless fail,
Laughter hail.
New vision dear,
Selfless cheer,
For others,
Brothers, Sisters
Beyond touch, memories clutch.
Hearts swell and break,
Love—for goodness’ sake.

This is a wonderful collection and I know I will return to it again, form time to time for a spiritual pick me up or encouragement. Or even just to put a smile on my face. 

This is another wonderful offering from A.K. Frailey. If you have read her other collections I am certain you will enjoy this volume. It is a wonderful collection of poems infused with faith. If you enjoy her fiction I encourage you as well to pick this up and give it a try. 

An excellent volume of poetry from the quill of A.F. Frailey.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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