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Old Men Don't Walk to Egypt - Corinna Turner Friends in High Places Book 2 Saint Joseph

Old Men Don't Walk to Egypt: Saint Joseph
Friends in High Places Book 2
Corinna Turner
Unseen Books
Zephyr Publishing
ISBN 9781910806227
eISBN 9781910806234

I love this third story in Corinna Turner’s latest series. I have been a fan of Corina Turner’s work since I first encountered I Am Margaret 6 years ago. Since then I have read her books a total of 42 times, and her contributions in two Catholic Teen Books Anthologies. I am a fan of everything I have read. She has many excellent books and great series. And this is the second novel in a new series. The title of the series is Friends in High Places and is about friendship and devotion to specific saints and beatified. And this second volume is about Saint Joseph. And this was a very timely read for me. The beginning of the description of this novel states:

“Katie has everything she thinks she wants—friends, popularity, and a gorgeous athletic older boyfriend. But the more time she spends with Shaun, the more miserable she feels.

When freaky Daniel suggests Saint Joseph for her research project, her supposedly perfect life spirals out of control. Will the carpenter from Nazareth destroy everything she thinks matters—or give her even the things she didn’t know she wanted?

Old Men Don’t Walk to Egypt is the second book in the Friends in High Places series, but can be read on its own.”

The story is told in two parts. First Is Katies story and the second is a series of dreams she has about the life of Saint Joseph. As a father of daughters reading parts of Katies story really hit home. Pressure to be physical with her boyfriend, pressure to share selfies. Her being manipulated. There is so much in this story. And Turner handles it in a masterful way. 

Katie is working on two projects for school, one on Saint Joseph and a wood working project. With the help of Daniel and his friend, she starts to see a way out. But it will not be easy. 

At the end of the story are a few extra sections:

Saint Joseph: What We Know 
More Information 
Discussion Questions 
The Complete Scriptural Account

Be sure to read through to the end. Some of the prayers have become ones I now pray daily. This is another story from the masterful pen of Turner that any tween, teen or adult could relate to. As a parent I can see myself in the parent’s responses. It brought to life the story of Saint Joseph in a new way, and the importance of devotion to him. It is a great. 

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