Friday 13 August 2021

McCracken and the Lost Valley - Mark Adderley - McCracken Book 2

McCracken and the Lost Valley
McCracken Book 2
Scriptorium Press
ISBN 9781492181989

I became interested in this series because it was mentioned on a list of Catholic books for tween and teens. It was described as a Catholic Indiana Jones, and it lives up to that description. The tag line for the series is: “If Catholic Adventure Has A Name, It Must Be McCracken” and this second story lives up to that just like the first. The description of the series is:

“The McCracken Adventures take place in the early years of the twentieth century, when many of the philosophies that formed the modern imagination were taking shape.  Consequently, McCracken’s adversaries are representatives of the Culture of Death.  What is the Catholic response to nihilism, communism, eugenics and many others?  McCracken provides young readers with a guide through the minefield of twentieth-century thought.”

And the description of this volume is:

“September, 1914: McCracken's worst fear has been realized, for war has broken out in Europe. In the turmoil that follows the outbreak of hostilities, the French Minister of War visits McCracken with a strange artifact: a piece of fabric that cannot burn, and cannot be pierced by bullets. Where can the Allies find more of this fabric? Can they find it before the Germans and Turks? Only McCracken and his allies, Ariadne, Sikorsky, Fr. Jamie Erickson, and, of course, Fritz can hope to unravel the clues that will lead them to the fabled Land of Prester John.”

This story and series is an interesting combination of action, adventure, historical fiction and faith. This was another excellent read, and I look forward to other books in the series. I am hooked. McCracken is soon on a new adventure. And this time looking for a lost land. They are in search of a material that has amazing properties and in enough quantities could change the course of the great war, that is underway back in Europe. 

Adderley does an excellent job in his creation of the historic setting, it really come to life. His characters both heroes and villains are well written. Most readers will appreciate McCracken, Ariadne is strong, poised and determined. Fritz returns in a new role, and plays a key part. As a bonus at the end of the book are two recipies from Fritz’s Kitchen, they are a representation and modification of the Zunian cuisine, as presented in the book. They are Plov and Zunian Cucumber Salad. I have plans to try both soon, but especially the Plov has my attention. 

I had never heard of the series or the author prior to reading book 1. I read book 1 and 2 and have started the first book in his other series in under a week. I have plans to read the rest of this series and his other series, The Matter of Britain Series. But am trying to make sure I read at least one book between each of Adderley’s so I do not over binge on them. This is a great read for tweens teens and also for us older folks. If you read and enjoyed the 39 Clues books this is one for you. If you like the Indiana Jones movies I am certain this book will entertain. If you are looking for a great historical fiction adventure novel give this a try. An excellent read that I highly recommend.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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