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Devotion to St Jude - Glynn MacNiven-Johnston - CTS Devotions

Devotion to St Jude:
Patron of Hopeless Cases
Glynn MacNiven-Johnston
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781860823954
eISBN 9781784692469
CTS Booklet D679

With the reading of this book I have read 11 volumes from the pen of Glynn MacNiven-Johnston. Her books are either on prayers and devotions or biographies of saints. And all of them to date have been wonderful reads. Over the last several years I have read over 200 books from the Catholic Truth Society. They are many great series, and books available from the CTS. And the CTS Devotions Series is among my favourites. The description of this booklet is:

“One of the twelve apostles, St Jude is possibly the least well known, though famous for his power of intercession on behalf of those in difficult circumstances. Here Glynn MacNiven-Johnston pieces together his fascinating story, his writings, and writings of others about him. The booklet includes a helpful selection of devotions to St Jude: prayers for particular needs, litany and novenas. The interesting story of his shrine at Faversham, England is also told.”

The chapters in this booklet are:
Who was St Jude?
Intercession to St Jude
Prayer to St Jude
Prayer for St Jude’s intercession
Prayers for various needs
     For help in time of need
     In marital difficulties
     For a drug addict
     Of an alcoholic
     In mental illness
     In physical illness
     For the critically ill
     For spiritual help
     In grievous affliction
     In financial worry
     Of praise and thanksgiving
     On the death of a loved one
Litany in honour of St Jude
What is a Novena?
Novena to St Jude
Novena to St Jude - to grow in Faith
Prayer in confidence
From the Feast of St Jude
Acts of the Holy Apostle Thaddaeus
Directions to the Shrine of St Jude

This book was originally published in 1982, revised in 2006 and the eBook edition released in 2017. The book begins with these words:

“We can be certain about very little concerning St Jude’s life on earth. Even his name is wrong: he, like Judas Iscariot, was called Judah.

We do know that he was one of Christ’s disciples. Two of the twelve were called Judah (in Greek, Judas) and so they had to have other names to distinguish them from each other. One was called Iscariot because of where he came from (Kerioth), and the other was called Thaddeus or Lebbaeus, which could mean that he had a burly chest or that he was big-hearted. It was only later, when the name Judas had the connotations of betrayal, that Judas Thaddeus became Jude.”

We are also informed in the introduction that:

“Jude may have been one of the ‘brothers’ of the Lord (James, Joseph, Simon and Jude) mentioned in Matthew 13:55 and Mark 6:3, where people who have grown up with Jesus wonder how he can be speaking with so much authority. If he is that Jude, it would make him a close relative of Jesus’s (the Aramaic word aha is used to describe brothers, cousins and other relatives); but that may have been a different Jude altogether.”

This volume is a fascinating read in many ways. First it is very well written and researched. It is a great introduction to the Saint, to this apostle. Second there is an excellent collection of prayers. A few I have used already for friends and family in specific needs. And one I am praying for myself daily. Both the Litany and Novena are excellent. And the history of the National Shrine of St Jude, Faversham was very interesting. I especially appreciated this prayer:

(a hymn from the Eastern Rite)

Come, let us acclaim the Apostle Jude, as the Master’s kinsman and the initiate of His truth; for he sowed the glad tidings in tears and labours, but reaped a godly harvest in joy and blessedness.”

Overall just a wonderful little volume. I know I will be returning to the prayers within often. A great read from Glynn MacNiven-Johnston and the Catholic Truth Society.

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