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Saint Cloud of Gaul The Prince Who Traded Kingdoms - Susan Peek - God's Forgotten Friends Lives of Little-known Saints Book 4

Saint Cloud of Gaul
The Prince Who Traded Kingdoms
Susan Peek
Seven Swords Publications
ISBN 9780997000597

This was the seventh book I have read by Susan Peek over the last few months. I have been greatly impressed by them all. I loved Saint Magnus The Last Viking, and found it very well written. And her handling of mental illness and especially PTSD in The King's Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland was incredible. This volume was on a saint I was not familiar with and it is a fascinating story well written. I could barely put this book down. Peek does an amazing job of writing novels about lesser known saints. And really brings the characters, their history, their lives to life fo us. The books are written for young adult readers but can be enjoyed by tweens, teens, and adults alike. We are informed that the inspiration for this series is:

““In many chapels,
reddened by the setting sun,
the saints rest silently,
waiting for someone to love them.”

These words, penned by an unknown priest, long dead,
were the inspiration for this series on the lives of saints
who have fallen deep into the shadows of obscurity.
My hope is that, in reading their heroic stories,
you will make the acquaintance of some of
God's Forgotten Friends”

The description of this volume is:

“A horrific act of treachery. A hairbreadth escape. A decade of desperate hiding. And an encounter with Christ that changes it all!

When young Prince Cloud, grandson of the mighty King Clovis and heir to the Kingdom of Orleans, is suspiciously summoned to his uncle's castle, little does he know his world is about to implode. Hurled into a life of danger, where his royal identity must remain hidden at all costs, Cloud eventually stumbles upon the only Kingdom worth fighting for.

Nearly everyone has heard of St. Cloud, Minnesota, but few know the story of the inspiring saint whose name it bears. The time has come for Saint Cloud of Gaul to blaze forth from hiding!”

Now to be honest I was not familiar with St. Cloud, Minnesota nor Saint Cloud or Saint Clodoald as he is also known as. This book was a wonderful read. It is inspiring, encouraging, challenging. And at the end is an excellent prayer that I have added to my daily prayers. 

The book draws readers in. It brings the characters to life. The story takes place between about 525 and 561AD in Gaul. We experience life in a very different time. But a faith we can learn from. It is a fantastic read. It is another excellent volume from the pen of Susan Peek. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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