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In the Shadows of Freedom - C And C Spellman - Shadows of Freedom Book 1

In the Shadows of Freedom 
The Shadows of Freedom Book 1
Rosemont Books
ISBN 9781735259222
eISBN 9781735259208
eISBN 9781735259215

I picked up this book because two or three authors I enjoy reading had made mention of it. I knew nothing about the ploy or the authors. And for a debut novel it is a good effort. The authors are a husband and wife team Cassandra and Chris Spellman. They state that they both always wanted to be published authors but did not discover that fact until after they were married. The plot and story are similar to a few other books I have read. But that did not detract from the enjoyment on their take on a dystopian future. The description of the book makes reference to Nineteen Eighty-Four and Fahrenheit 451, I would not go that far. But a good story worth giving a read. Part of the description of this book states:

“The United States is finally a meritocracy, where the best and most capable rise to the top. Existing laws and regulations continue to be repealed, and freedom is the mantra of the people.

Amanda Burrow, a talented painter, moves to New York City to attend an elite art academy. Once there, she falls for self-assured Ethan Ramsey, a staunch member of the National Citizens Party: the nation's ruling faction. The NCP seeks to banish anything-or anyone-that might jeopardize an individual's autonomy.

Amanda's habitually dull and depressed world is turned upside down by her newfound relationship with Ethan. Yet as the NCP heightens its persecution of those who oppose its agenda, will Amanda find true freedom and discover her own identity in a new and increasingly merciless society?”

It is a world in the not very distant future. If you do not contribute you are encouraged to seek termination. Amanda grew up with religious parents but is estranged from the faith of her family. She is the first in her family to pursue higher education. And her only goal is getting away from her family and succeeding as an artist. Ethan turns her world upside down. He challenges her few beliefs and encourages her in breaking her own rules. Soon her life is spiralling out of control. But a true friend and a cathartic moment sparks a change of heart. But is it too little too late? To find out you will need to read this book. 

Fans of similar works such as The Rogues series by Kristen Hogrefe, The Liberty series by Theresa Linden, Watchful Sky series by Roger Thomas, The Transformation: GTE 45 by Faren R. Siminoff, will likely enjoy this book. It is not as extreme as the I Am Margaret series by Corinna Turner but feels like it could head that way. As I was reading, I thought of these works and others. Also as reading particularly towards the end I felt like this could not be the end of the book. There are 2 versions on Kobo and 1 on Kindle for this book, or you can buy direct from the authors on their site. This story was well enough written that I would pick up the next volume. Fans of the genre will enjoy this addition to the form. A very solid first effort.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan

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