Wednesday 6 October 2021

The Handsome Little Cygnet - Matthew Mehan and John Folley

The Handsome Little Cygnet
John Folley (Illustrator)
ISBN 9781505120608
eSIBN 9781505120622
ASIN B09644416R

My youngest two children are beyond the reading level of picture books. But they love when we get a new one from TAN Books. This is the first written by Mehan that we have read. And it is the fourth illustrated by Folley, the third from TAN that we have read. 

My Youngest Daughter read this to her older brother and I twice the day it arrived. She struggled with a few words the first time though, especially cygnet. We enjoyed the volume. It is a fun story with a good message. The beginning of the description of the book states:

“A swan must waddle before a swan can fly!
Manhattan’s Central Park seems an unlikely place for a family of swans to raise their baby cygnet, but family life is full of surprises, happy mistakes, and mysterious joys. Join Father and Mother Swan and their Handsome Little Cygnet as they paddle through four beautifully illustrated seasons in Central Park. Smile a lot—and cry just a little—as you follow the journey of a baby swan who grows up to learn what and who he really is.”

The story is about learning to be who you are, and to honour your mother and father. The illustrations are well done. My youngest has been trying to replicate some of them with her own water color set. To be honest I loved the illustrations more than the story. But both of the children appreciated both.

A fun read and interesting twist on a tale. Good for a church, home, or school library. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan

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