Thursday 7 January 2021

Dragon Assassin 9 Old Enemies - Arthur Slade - Dragon Assassin Book 9

Dragon Assassin 9Old Enemies
Arthur Slade
Dava Enterprises

A beginning to a new saga? When we finished the previous Dragon Assassin book I had assumed the story was over. At least for now. And here we are back again with another book and new adventure beginning. This is a great piece of writing and takes the story of Carmen and Drax in a whole new direction. In some ways it was as intense as the whole previous 8 books. From the very first words our interest is grasped, and the attention kept. Those words are:

“I had never seen a dragon so completely and utterly destroyed. Its battered and broken body lay on the shore of the island. I wanted to turn my head away from the carnage, but my training had taught me it was always better to look at the worst wounds or worst situations and gather knowledge. The crumpled, crushed body took awhile to come into focus. Its scales were red, the same color as its blood. That meant it was a Crimson dragon.

One of the strongest, most powerful types of dragon in the world.”

The description of the book is:

“An ancient enemy rises from the seas...
Brax and Carmen are exploring the ocean when they come across the dead body of a dragon on an island. He was an outcast, living far away from Drachia. And he was just recently killed. It turns out that the old enemy that the dragons believed were all destroyed have returned. And they want revenge. One dead dragon at a time...”

Up until now I had assumed that the Dragon’s were the most powerful creatures in the world. There may be some wizards that could rival a dragon one on one, but nothing that appeared to be able to beat them in physical combat. That has all changed. We are soon embroiled in a war. Between the creatures that have returned and the Dragons. Surprising tactics are used. Carem realizes some of the tactics being used, but once Brax loses his temper almost all is lost.

Be warned the story ends on a cliffhanger, and it will leave you desperate for the next installment. This is a great book and as mentioned the start of a new adventure for the duo of Carmen the human assassin and Brax the Dragon Prince. The writing is great. The characters are excellent. And it is classic epic fantasy. 

Another great read from Arthur Slade’s masterful pen. 

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