Monday 11 January 2021

Dragon Assassin 10 Downfall - Arthur Slade - Dragon Assassin Book 10

Dragon Assassin 10Downfall
Arthur Slade
Dava Enterprises

What an intense conclusion to this saga. Again! This is the 10th and supposedly final book in the Dragon Assassin series from the masterful pen of Arthur Slade. Of course, we heard that at the end of book 8. So … who knows. If you were to break the series into parts the first 8 books bake a complete story and are excellent reads. Then the next two books make a story and go in a completely different direction. A whole new mythology is introduced. And after the devastation wrought on the Dragon’s in Volume 9 Old Enemies,  Carmen is off on a new adventure.

This time her close dragon friend Brax is broken and near death’s door. She is on a royal mission to find a way to save the dragons from a smallish purple wizard Giant and the horde of young giants under his song spell. She is on a new mount a flying black swan named after her mother. Her friend Thord has answered her call for help, and off the two must go to the land of Giants that no one knew existed or has any ideal where it is. Thord has been changed by the bear heart that has been implanted in his chest. And his new Bearish nature and tendencies is another new thing to content with. 

Without her wisecracking Dragon partner. Can she pull off the impossible again? With a snarky Swan, and her friend be enough? What will they find when and if they reach the land of Giants? And will they find a way to save the dragons or will they all be wiped away by Zarek?

A fantastic tenth volume in the Dragon Assassin Series. A great read from the ever entertaining pen of Arthur Slade.

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