Monday 9 November 2009

Medicine Ball Core Cardio - Tony Horton One on One Volume 1 Disk 10

Tony Horton
One on One
Volume 1 Disk 10

Medicine Ball Core Cardio

Ouch! That about sums up this workout.
Tony pushes us pretty hard. The whole workout comes in at just under 40 minutes, but that is with warm up, cool down and stretch. The actual medicine ball component is only 20 minutes. For the first 16 minutes he does groups of 4 exercises for 30 seconds each, then repeats that set. After that is done for four groups of four, sixteen exercises repeated for 32 sets. Then he takes a slight break to bring the cardio level down, then rocks one more set of 4 more exercises - repeated, takes us to about 20 minutes straight. I have not sweated that much since 4 months ago when I first started P90X. I was sucking wind by about the 12 minute mark and it took all I had to make it through the first time I did this workout. This is about the shortest of the One on Ones that I have used yet but it really gets results. I prefer this over Super Cardio but not as much as Cardio Intervals, and that is the great thing about working out with Tony Horton. He is always giving us something new to try and push harder, something different to change it up and keep the body growing, moving and getting stronger. You cannot go wrong with the One on One workouts, especially if you combine them with P90X, P90x+, Power90 or any of the other Tony Horton workouts.

One on One with Tony Horton has been on the market a little over a year, from Beachbody. It started as a subscription service when Tony turned 50, because so many fans of his other programs were looking for more workouts with Tony. For about $20 a month you get a new workout DVD each month. You can subscribe and get them all or order the specific ones that grab your attention. These workouts are close, intimate and real. These are advanced workouts for those already in good shape looking to take it to the next level. They are intended for graduates of Power90, P90X, or other Beachbody or other fitness programs.
To find out more about this series or other workouts in the collection follow the links below. I have created a random workout generator that uses 1 on 1's and P90X if your interested.
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I am asked frequently if I am a Beachbody Coach, no I am not, I am just some one who has used their products, P90X, 1on1 with Tony Horton and more and liked them and achieved good results. I am not paid by Beachbody or any of their affiliates. You can see my full disclaimer here.)


todustyoushallreturn said...

I'd love to hear more about your experience with Tony Horton workouts. I started P90X and got about five or six weeks in before I quit. My wife had emergency surgery, our lives were turned upside down for a while, etc. and I just quit. Now I am looking to start it or something else again because I felt great doing it. I just have a hard time finding an hour a day.

Do you have any advice about how you fit it into your schedule?

SRMcEvoy said...

It was really just a decision. I would get up at 5am and go to bed at midnight and said I didn't have time to workout. I reached a point where it became a priority in my life. I loved P90x and am starting a second round of P90X+ today as a hybrid with the One on One's. Here is a link to my Round 1
results. I am not at day 106 in a row of working out with Tony and do not see it stopping anytime soon.