Thursday 19 November 2009

The Zippity Zinger - Hank Zipzer Book 4 by: Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

The Zippity Zinger
Hank Zipzer Book 4
Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Penguin Canada
ISBN 0448431939

What does any child fear? Looking like a fool in public. Han
k loves baseball but he doesn't think he can play very well, and even with his grandfather wanting to spend time helping him hone his skills he doesn't want to try out for the school Olympiad. PS87 is having their annual Olympiad and the students are divided into two
teams - team Yellow and team Blue. There are three events - Brain Buster Trivia, Softball and Triple C, Clean and Clutter Free. Hank had signed up for the 3C but while practicing with his Grandpa starts throwing wicked pitches. Unfortunately he thinks it is because of his sister's red socks with pink monkeys. He believes they are lucky socks.

Soon however, his sister is looking for them for her own part in the Olympiad. His sister Emily is a brain, and always knows way more on a topic than most people would care to know.
Hank on the other hand, struggles in school because of his dyslexia and has a low self image because of his consistent struggles and failures. Once Emily is looking for the socks, he struggles with the idea of hiding them from her. He has already committed to pitching in the Olympiad but does the right thing and gives her back her lucky socks. Can he still pitch? Will his yellow team win? Read to find out. This is yet another good book in this great series.

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