Wednesday 25 November 2009

Holy Enchilada! - Hank Zipzer Book 6 - Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Holy Enchilada!
Hank Zipzer Book 6

Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Penguin Canada
ISBN 0448433532

What kind of trouble can Hank Zipzer get into when his school is hosting a multi-cultural day? All kinds. In this segment
of the adventures of Hank, his friends and family the Zipzers, are selected to host a visiting international student. Yoshi Morimoto and his Father are from PS87's sister school in Tokyo and are
visiting schools in America. The visit coincides with PS87's multicultural day.

The prob
lems begin when the gang, Hank, Frankie, Ashley and Yoshi try to make enchiladas and the task of reading the recipe falls on Hank. With his dyslexia he struggles with the fractions, and the enchiladas end up with a lot of zing. Once again Hank learns that telling the truth is the best way to go. A good story in a great series.

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