Sunday 8 November 2009

On Juno Beach Canada's D-Day Heroes by: Hugh Brewster

On Juno Beach
Canada's D-Day Heroes

Hugh Brewster
ISBN 0439967287

Hugh Brewster has compiled another amazing book. He has combined his words telling the story, quotes from those involved in the events, artwork and historical photographs depicting the events, and special sections called 'Eyewitness', first-hand personal accounts. Each has replicas and photos or actual equipment used. This book is well-written and will be informative for students of all ages. It does a great job of presenting one of the bloodiest battles in Canadian history without being gruesome or too graphic for children. The book has some wonderful special features - a bibliography so that the reader can go further; also a great index and glossary for any terms with which the reader is unfamiliar. Brewster has done an excellent job on this book.

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